The Lobby of Sheila C. Johnson Design Center

Hello Everyone! Thanks for visiting the Admissions Blog for Parsons The New School for Design. I am very excited to add this as a resource for new and prospective students interested in the Bachelors and Associates programs. I’ll be posting Admission information, promoting events, and interviewing current students. Katie, Lauren, and Charis, our Student Guest Bloggers, will be picking up where I leave off, posting about student life at Parsons. Happy reading.
– Victoria O’Neill, Senior Counselor, Communication Strategy.

Parsons is part of The New School, a leading university in New York City. As one of the premier degree-granting colleges of art and design in the nation, Parsons’ graduates and faculty appear on the short list of outstanding practitioners in every realm of art and design. Choice professional internships, interdisciplinary collaborations, summer intensive programs, and study abroad opportunities augment Parsons’ 27 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Parsons is constantly formulating new approaches to art and design education, of which it has been a pioneer since its founding in 1896. This allows our students to engage in design thinking that addresses increasingly complex global problems. Responsive to societal needs and predictive of cultural trends, Parsons makes tangible, usable, and beautiful the New School mission of bringing positive, innovative change to the world.

For more information, please visit Parsons The New School for Design. You can also email the Office of Admission directly at thinkparsons@newschool.edu.

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  1. Mari

    Can’t you write a post about the portfolio requirements? Like what it should contain and stuff? Awesome blog!

  2. Justin

    What about Graduate Programs?

  3. Would be great to hear more about the Photography Bfa!!

  4. Theresa

    Is Parsons planning on coming to Atlanta anytime soon? If so, will they host a NPD?

    • Hi Theresa, thanks for your question! Parsons tends to travel around the NPD schedule, which can be found at portfolio day.net. However, we sometimes host events in different cities around the country and world. We update that information on our Admissions Events page of our website which you can find here: http://www.newschool.edu/parsons/admission-event-map.aspx

      The only NPD we’re hosting this year is the upcoming New York City National Portfolio Day, which is this Sunday the 18th!

  5. Marta

    Hi, will the University Center be available to live in for incoming freshman fall 2013? If so, how do we apply for a dorm there? Great blog!

    • Morgan Ersery

      Hi Marta,
      You can apply for Housing once admitted and pick your preference in building at that time. The University Center is on that list.The best place to ask for housing concerns is the Housing and Residence office, so if you have any further questions you can reach them at UniversityHousing@newschool.edu.


  6. Taia

    I need some (a lot) of help. I’m going to be a junior in high school next year and am going into my school’s International Baccalaureate Programme. Until recently my parents were very “YOU WILL GET A PRACTICAL JOB” So I have focussed on getting into science, hopefully medical school and a research career later. But this summer they asked me if thats really wanted to do. I honestly love fashion and have always wanted to be a designer or stylist. Now I suddenly have a little bit of a chance, but I have no experience and no room to switch around my schedule. I was considering crashing a class at a JC but I don’t have time (I have internships with various labs and I volunteer for community service) and they don’t have room for me. I might have next summer free as I haven’t applied that far ahead (whew!) for anything.

    Sorry, I know this is abrupt and I’ve cut it close but I have no idea what to do!

    • Morgan Ersery

      Hello there! Thanks for reading. If you have specific questions about application requirements or admissions information it’s best to email or call us! You can email the Parsons Admission office at thinkparsons@newschool.edu or give us a call at 212-229-5150.

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