My Top Envy-Inducing Instagram Accounts

As some of you may have read in my first IHeartParsons post I have a somewhat concerning, yet totally  healthy obsession with Instagram. Don’t pretend like you’re so anti-mainstream that you never indulge in some early morning scrolling in an effort to wake up for class. Anyway, some of my best inspiration comes from this image based social sharing app, but I’ve also contemplated my life choices after seeing what some people are able to do because of their impossibly alluring lives. Let me show you what I mean…

1. @ShionaT

As a creative consultant who has held positions at Cosmopolitan, CR Fashion Book, and TeenVogue, Shiona Turini has the most Instagrammable outfits ever. Period. The Bermudan born stylist travels the globe working on the coolest projects that leave me waiting eagerly for the reveal. Have you seen Beyonce’s latest video, Formation? You know that badass fashion? You can thank Ms. Turini for that.

2. @ManRepeller

If you are at all interested in fashion, you most likely already follow Leandra Medine, New School alumni, and founder of humorous fashion site, Her Manstagrams give us fashion week realness, as well as some of the most outlandish, yet put-together outfits we’ve ever seen. Don’t think she’s so great? Talk to me when you go to all major fashion weeks like she does!

3. @EvaChen212

She attends the Golden Globes, meets celebrities on an almost daily basis, and is pretty much fashion’s Instagram queen. Eve Chen lives a fabulous life as head of fashion partnerships at Instagram. Follow the former Lucky EIC to find out what being really good at snapping Insta-pics can take you in your career.

4. @MrJoeZee

Who doesn’t have a VIP parking pass for the Saint Laurent fashion show? Oh right, I don’t. Joe Zee, the legendary stylist and EIC of Yahoo! Style writes books, cooks with Chrissy Teigen on their talk show, and interviews celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet on the red carpet. Just your average, ordinary, every day person.

5. @ThriftsandThreads

Blogger, Brittney Xavier has a drool worthy Instagram account, as does everyone on this list, but most of what she posts is totally affordable on a student budget. So, if you’re looking to lead the life of my five favorite ‘grammers, try to emulate Xavier’s simply stellar account.


About Jeffrey Roy Jr.

My name is Jeffrey and I am a Strategic Design and Management student at Parsons School of Design. When I am not posting on Twitter or Instagram, you can often find me perusing the newsstand at Barnes & Noble.

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