Admission Decisions are Coming! Five Things To Do While You Wait

1. Practice yoga or meditate at least once a day.

It’s commonly known that these are popular methods of relaxation, and no needs that more than a high school senior who just applied to college. Try going to a local yoga class with your friends and maybe you’ll pick up some skills for a dorm friendly workout. Also, meditating is as simple as resting your eyes or laying down for a few minutes. Besides, you don’t really need me to give you an excuse to chill.

2. Enjoy the innocence of high school while you still can.

Nobody, truly NOBODY knows better than me how painful it can be when all you want to do is graduate and never look back. However, there is a certain comfort that came with high school that you lose when you arrive at college, at least for the first few weeks. So, go out with your friends, go to the banquets, and certainly don’t be as moody as I was.

3. Find ways to mentor the underclassmen at your school.

Now that you’ve finished applying, you have excess amounts of knowledge on college essays, managing time, filling out resumes, etc. Why not give tips to those who are just now beginning to think of where they’d like to go? If you have advice, or made mistakes, let your peers learn from you. If you can make the process easier for even one person, you’ll be preventing a lot of future stress.

(I’ll even contribute: to all underclassmen reading, write your essays in the summer before senior year. Those are basically the most tedious tasks you’ll have to complete, so do yourself a favor. Take a few days off from your break and write).

4. Find a part-time job.

If your dream is to come to school at Parsons and to be in New York City, then money is one vital thing that you’ll need. Now that application season is over, it’s a great time to get a part time job in retail, food service, or anything that interests you. It’s just an easy of way of getting extra cash before you go off to school. Also, if you make yourself indispensable, you’ll have plenty of shifts waiting for you when you’re home for a weekend.

5. Most importantly, don’t think about your admission decision until it arrives.

This honestly goes without saying. You just finished one of the most stressful times in a young person’s life. Applying for college is in no sense of the word, “fun.” As you wait, resist the urge to contact admissions about your decision, and just bask in the few short weeks you have to just be you.

Best of luck to all of you who applied. Looking forward to seeing you next Fall!

About Jeffrey Roy Jr.

My name is Jeffrey and I am a Strategic Design and Management student at Parsons School of Design. When I am not posting on Twitter or Instagram, you can often find me perusing the newsstand at Barnes & Noble.

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