A Day Away From the City


Before I began finals, I decided I needed some time away from the city. New York City can get monotonous at times, and that is when I begin to crave for a peaceful environment—something similar to home. I searched for places where I could go with my friends, and would be just a train-ride away. The Dia:Beacon museum came up in my search. A couple days later,  we were heading towards Beacon, New York

We made our way to Grand Central Station, where we boarded the Metro North towards Beacon Station. The fare was about $30 for a round trip, a bit pricy for a train ride, but worth every penny. The train ride itself was beautiful, the train goes by the river and the scenery is a breath of fresh air. It took about an hour and a half from Grand Central to Beacon Station. As soon as we got off, we deviated to the town, a 5-minute walk from the station. They have various mom-and-pop diners and coffee shops, all very homey and delicious.


After a walk through the town, we headed towards the museum. This was also a short walk, took about 10 minutes. Once we arrived at the museum, there where many “Instagram” worthy moments.


Inside the museum, the space is very open and different from the museums in the city. Here we saw work from Louise Bourgeois, Agnes Martin, Robert Irwin, Joseph Beuys and the list goes on. The museum, organized in three different floors, each with various works and installations. What really surprised me was the ground level, where they had Richard Serra’s Torqued Ellipses, something everyone should see. The space allows for this monolithic work.


Overall, I truly loved spending time away from the city, and what better way than to go to a contemporary art museum. FYI: Students receive a discount and the fare is $12. From the train ride to the museum, I really encourage you guys to go if possible. It will be a memorable experience.



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