Parsons Challenge Tips: Part Deux

As we approach the Fall deadline I thought I’d write a post about our most anxiety producing requirement: The Parsons Challenge. Our last post about the Challenge was from 2011 (featuring yours truly) and I realized that a lot has changed since then. While I recommend you check the video for some advice here are a few other points to consider.


The prompt! Be sure to check the updated prompt for the Parsons Challenge. It is no longer something that is overlooked (although if you’re feeling stumped it’s always a good place to start for inspo). We’ve expanded the Parsons Challenge so that it can be about anything you’d like. So be creative! Have fun!giphy1


One Theme Only. 3 Pieces, 1 theme. Be sure that each piece of the Parsons Challenge is about only one concept.








Essays. Use the essays to clearly articulate your ideas. Describe your theme and help us connect the dots.  Make sure you’re at least hitting the 250-word minimum. For us that shows effort and is gold-star worthy.


About larkmorgenstern

Heyyyy there! I'm Lark and an Admission Counselor for Parsons. I'm a Strategic Design & Management alum and a recent graduate of the History of Design & Curatorial Studies Masters Program. When I'm not doing admission related things you'll find me poking around my succulent garden or nerding out over Scandinavian Design.

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