Early Action Decisions!



The time has come! For those of you who submitted all your materials by the Early Action deadline of November 1st: your letters are getting prepped to be in your inboxes by Monday. For those of you still preparing your portfolios and shaping up those essays the next deadline is January 15th.

Congrats to you early birds! Once you receive your letter we suggest you:

1) Have a well-deserved rest.

2) Start tackling your financial aid. Make sure that you and your family are ready to fill out the FAFSA which has a March 1 deadline. Don’t feel shy about reaching out to our Student Financial Services office if you are feeling nervous or have questions.

3) Keep checking your emails from us to see if we are having events in your area and for our Admitted Student Days in April!

4) Take a tour if you haven’t already.

5) Keep making and creating work.

If for some reason you haven’t received a decision by Monday give us a shout at thinkparsons@newschool.edu.

About larkmorgenstern

Heyyyy there! I'm Lark and an Admission Counselor for Parsons. I'm a Strategic Design & Management alum and a recent graduate of the History of Design & Curatorial Studies Masters Program. When I'm not doing admission related things you'll find me poking around my succulent garden or nerding out over Scandinavian Design.


  1. Alec Ohanian

    Hello! Hope all is well,

    Do you know when applicants of the January 15th deadline will be notified of their decision? Thank you for your time! In the meantime ill keep an eye of the Admissions Hub.

    ,Alec Ohanian

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