5 Necessities to Making Your Dorm Room Home

You all (or soon will) have received your room assignments for the upcoming semester. I remember the moment I got that email; the first thing I did was friend my roommate on Facebook, and the second thing I did was search the internet for chachkis to take up space in my dorm room.

In case you were wondering, yes, I did receive the list. The list of suggested “things to bring,” which included bed linens, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. However, I really wanted my dorm room to feel like a retreat, and to fill it with things that reflected who I am. So, below I have compiled a list of the things that may make transitioning from your nice warm house, to a small, crowded, washed-in-white space.

Scroll through and tell me in the comments what else would make a dorm room more personal!

Dorm Essentials 1While Instagram is one of the most fun apps in existence, why not make some of your best memories with your friends private by taking a few polaroids, and pasting them on the wall. This is not a new idea, but it makes your space seem like a fun, mellow area.

Polaroid Pic-300 Instant Print Camera, $79.99; amazon.com; Polaroid 300 Film PIF-300, 10 Prints, $20; amazon.com

7 Essentials 2There will come a time (October through mid-December) when you crave a cup of hot chocolate. But, if your like me and brought nothing to make it with, you will be watching Halloween/Christmas movies with a glass of water. That is why I recommend getting a Keurig machine for your dorm, so that you can curl up in bed and enjoy the dawn of the holiday season.

Keurig K10 MINI Plus Brewing System, $99.99; keurig.com

Dorm Essentials 3Here’s a news flash: your dorm rooms don’t have couches in them. That means anytime you want to unwind, you will have no choice but to lie in your bed. I know, this does not sound even remotely horrible, but trust me you will get tired of having to switch positions constantly in order to be comfortable. The best solution is to get a lot of beautiful throw pillows to create the illusion of a sitting area. You will thank me for this heads when you don’t have to lay down every time you watch Netflix.

Patterned Pillows, between $24-30; pier1.com

Dorm Essentials 4Whether you are a frequent reader or not, books define who you ultimately become. They are where we learn our most valuable lessons in the forms of exotic stories. Surround yourself with you favorite books, whether it is a self-help subject, or a classic you like to revisit every once in a while.

‘Leave Your Mark’ by Aliza Licht, $26; amazon.com; ‘The Asylum’ by Simon Doonan, $16; amazon.com; ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, $15; amazon.com

Dorm Essentials 5

This ‘necessity’ kind of goes without saying since most of the people reading this blog are attending an art school. However if there is one thing that makes a house a home, that’s what adorns the walls. Use left over printing credit to print some poster sized versions of your favorite pieces. Better yet, hang some of your own work to give you dorm that ethereal, DIY vibe.

Art prints, prices vary; fab.com

As I’m sure you thought at some point while reading this, these aren’t truly ‘necessary’ to anything. However, I do believe that if you fill your space with the things you love, coming home each night won’t feel so depressing. In fact, I think you’ll feel great!

About Jeffrey Roy Jr.

My name is Jeffrey and I am a Strategic Design and Management student at Parsons School of Design. When I am not posting on Twitter or Instagram, you can often find me perusing the newsstand at Barnes & Noble.

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