Parsons: What to Do, Where to Go


In New York City, almost everything is within walking distance which makes it really easy to get around. Since you’ll be spending pretty much all your time on campus, here is a list and map of some things that are very close to campus and the different dorms. Since Parsons is located right on the border between the East side and the West side, you have access to so many different spots that are all in the same area. This list is nowhere near the actual number of places that you can go, these are just a few that are fun to go to when you first get to the city and they’ll help you learn your way around. Soon you’ll be able to make your own list of your favorite spots to go, but for now I’ll expose you to some of the fundamental spots near campus.

I’ve pulled out a few from the list to give you more of an idea of the different place surrounding Parsons:

Number one on the list, Dough, is my absolute favorite doughnut spot. I go there weekly, which probably isn’t the healthiest action, but the glazed doughnuts are too hard to resist. Definitely a good treat after a long week of school work or just a delicious snack if you’re craving some sugar. They also sell these at La Maison Du Croque Monsieur (number eleven), a small coffee shop down the block from school, but they always run out of them so quickly! 


New York City is known to have some of the best pizza. There are probably at least two pizzerias on every block in the city, and number thirteen, Pie by the Pound, is one of the ones closest to school. They have a huge range of thin crust pizza, including a gluten-free option. You also pay depending on how big the slice you get is. The workers weigh your pizza to determine the price. Overall, it’s a great atmosphere with delicious pizza!


Amorino, number fifteen, is probably some of the best gelato you will find in New York City. Although the prices are a bit high, you kind of forget about how much you paid for it when you’re eating it. You’re able to choose from twenty delicious flavors. I love the fact that if you get your gelato in a cone, they design your gelato into a flower. You can get as many flavors as you want, as long as the number of petals fit in your cone!


ABC Carpet & Home, number nineteen, is unfortunately a store I could only afford to go to in my dreams but that doesn’t stop me from occasionally popping in to admire the beautiful displays of the products I will never own. It’s like an extremely high end Anthropologie—it’s a home decor shop where unique and expensive products are displayed on six hypnotizing floors. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything, but just absorbing the layout of the store and the design techniques they use can really serve as inspiration for your own style.


Number twenty, The Rubin Museum is often overshadowed by the more popular and established museums in Manhattan. But that doesn’t take away from the quality of the museum. It’s completely dedicated to Himalayan art. Their collection contains a range of beautiful ancient artwork. I had multiple friends who had internships here during high school and loved it.The Rubin also has lots of opportunities for college students as well so it’s definitely a good option if you’re looking for some sort of internship during school.


Union Square, number twenty-one, is a given. It’s the spot where EVERYONE from Parsons or the New School hangs out. There’s a holiday market in the winter, and a green market in the spring and summer with lots of great booths. It is also home to multiple subway lines, including the 4, 5, 6, N, Q, R, and L trains. It’s a great drawing spot as well, you’ll most likely go there to draw with your drawing class or studio class. It’s also never ever empty. There are thousands of people frequenting this park a day, doing performances, playing chess, commuting, or just enjoying the scenery.


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