Meet another New Blogger: Bayley Resetar


Hi guys! I’m Bayley and I am a freshman at Parsons. I have known about Parsons for 10 years now, ever since my mom started working here and taking me to all her classes (she teaches in the Illustration Department). I fell in love with the school and knew I needed to go here! I am a freshman, finishing up my second semester, but I plan on being a Photo major. I’m also always doing something design related, whether it’s color coding all the books in my house or hanging art salon style in my living room. I take way more photos than I should, but since I’m constantly being inspired, it’s hard for me not to take my camera everywhere.

I was born and raised in New York City and I never plan on leaving. With one brother at Lang, another one at Cooper Union, a sister in a performing arts high school (who just applied to Parsons), and a Mom and Dad who are both graphic designers. Let’s just say, I am constantly surrounded by all kinds of creativity. Being at Parsons has stimulated even more creativity because I am exposed to new experiences and new people every day. My first year here has revealed a lot of things about myself as an artist that I didn’t know. The variety of classes I’ve been taking these past two semesters have led me to discover that I love doing things I was too intimidated to ever try on my own. The first year of college is a big adjustment socially and academically but I’ve already met so many amazing people here through the crazy process! I’m super excited to see what Parsons has in store for me in the next three years!

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