Meet our New Blogger: Jeffrey Roy

Jeffrey, Strategic Design and Management BBA '18

Jeffrey, Strategic Design and Management BBA ’18

My name is Jeffrey and I am addicted to all things fashion and art. I am not ashamed. Aside from that, I am also a Strategic Design and Management student here at Parsons. When I am not posting on Twitter or Instagram, you can often find me perusing the newsstand at Barnes & Noble.

Originally from a small city in Massachusetts, I was more than ready for my move to New York when the Parsons acceptance letter came. I had been working towards the Big Apple ever since I heard Frank Sinatra croon the lyrics, “If I can make here, I’ll make it anywhere.” Parsons was my golden ticket.

As a Design and Management student, the first thing you should know is that is basically my bible. If you find yourself checking that every day, my major is surely for you. I am given the best of both worlds at school. My week can begin with the always fun economics and quantitative reasoning courses, and end with me designing concepts for photoshoots in fashion studio class. If you are obsessed with branding and you want a major that always has you thinking in unique and diverse ways, come join the dark side that is Strategic Design and Management.

Obviously, there is so much more to what I do than what I mentioned in the above paragraph. To learn more about my fascinating life (sarcasm), be sure to follow my weekly posts as I embark on some sassy, stylish, and strategic escapades. 

Until next time.

About Jeffrey Roy Jr.

My name is Jeffrey and I am a Strategic Design and Management student at Parsons School of Design. When I am not posting on Twitter or Instagram, you can often find me perusing the newsstand at Barnes & Noble.


  1. Praew

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I’m very interested in applying to Strategic and Design Management, so could u please help me with a few questions here?
    do they have a required years for work experience at all? I can’t seem to find class profile to compare other past candidates’ profiles. I finished my Bachelor a year back and had been working in professional field for a year. Im not sure if thats enuf or not.

    Thank u in advance 😀

    • Hi Praew,

      That’s wonderful that you are interested in joining the Strategic Design and Management major! As far as I know, you do not need any professional work experience in order to be considered for our program. If you are applying for the undergraduate program, you need a high school degree, and if you are applying to the graduate program, an undergraduate degree. Please let me know if that answers your question. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Sheniz

    Hi, I’m interested in the major you’re currently enrolled. I wanted to ask you about the application, do you have any advice on doing the essays and the Parsons Challenge? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Sheniz!

      Great to hear that you are interested in joining the BBA side of Parsons. If the essay question is the same as my year (‘When in your life have you used creativity to solve a problem?’), my best piece of advice would be to think outside the box, and explore the most unique scenario from your life for inspiration. I think it’s most interesting when you talk about a way you used creativity in a class or activity that isn’t traditionally artistic.

      For the Parsons Challenge, I would simply tell you to ‘look up.’ I know this sounds vague, but the best way to make art about something that goes unnoticed is to look in the places that you wouldn’t normally pay attention to. For mine, I was sitting at my desk working on something for the challenge that I was not very proud of, and when I literally looked up and saw my old artists mannequin, I was immediately inspired to use it as my subject.

      I hope this helps answer your questions, and I also hope you keep us updated on your progress. Please ask us any other questions you have along the way.



  3. Orel Kogman

    Hi jeffrey,
    I recently finished a year of fashion design in FIDM LA, looked into the curriculum for next year and realized it is not in my best interests to continue the program, career and education wise. I am looking to expand my education and my career opportunities and therefore have been looking into Parsons design and management curriculum and have been researching on it all day. Ive been so iffy on whether to start the program in the fall, with thoughts about what this program has to offer? What career paths can it open for me? I have been very stressed trying to decide if I should enroll in this.
    can you give me your feedback and intake on this program after finishing your first year in it?

    • Hi Orel,

      This program is something that I am very passionate about as a Parsons student. I have been captivated by art and design my whole life, and I was always trying to figure out what I could do beyond fashion design – since fashion is my chosen career field. When I decided to pursue fashion journalism and styling, I researched programs that would educate me about the branding and business of the luxury fashion industry, in addition to the artistic side.

      This program will give you access to a multitude of classes that will expand your knowledge of both art and management. This includes branding, information visualization, financial management, managing creative projects, and so much more.

      As for career options, Strategic Design and Management opens the door to careers like Public Relations, Fashion Merchandising, Buying, Publishing, Branding, Advertising, whatever you can set your mind to.

      The program even provides the opportunity to minor in another program. So as you can see, the BBA degree at Parsons is perfect because you can tailor your learning experience to your personal goals and aspirations.

      I hope this helps to make your decision easier!

  4. Hello Jeffrey,

    I was wondering if you could explain or write a post about what is taught at the BBA, or your experience in the program? What you learn in the program, what classes are like, how many people in program, the amount of theory vs hands on, collaborations, jobs placements, etc.

    Thank you!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for the recommendation, I will definitely do all that I can to help make the BBA program a little but easier to understand. There are also a ton of student and alumni interviews, class reviews, etc. in the archives of IHeartParsons, so please feel free to scroll through. Thanks so much for the question!

  5. Samihan

    Hey Jeff,
    I applied to Parsons for BBA in strategic design and management and i am really excited for the course. Your post is quite motivating as it finally made me decide what i really want to pursue. I wanted to ask you, how is a a particular day at Parsons, is it quite stressful or do you just go with the flow? I am asking this question, as i want to be prepared for all the challenges before i actually step into one.


    • Hey Sam! Thank you for commenting and asking questions – great to hear that what I write is actually motivating someone. In short, there is no typical day for anyone at Parsons, no matter what your major. It all really depends on you and what you’re interested. I myself manage my time very well, and enjoy being a little busy at all times, so I wouldn’t call it stressful. You asking about this so you can prepare yourself tells me that you might be the same way, am I right? If not, there’s a way to make it work at Parsons for every student. There is so much diversity in talent here, so work load depends on you and your abilities. I hope this helps you prepare, but don’t let the idea of a lot of work turn you away from Parsons. It builds character, and is a great learning experience!

      Thanks again!

      – Jeff

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