Creatively Consuming

As college students, the one question we all ask ourselves on a regular basis is “what do I do with all this excess money I’ve got lying around”?

Luckily, living in NYC offers amazing opportunities to get rid of all those bills burning a hole in your pocket, at an amazing rate. There are so many wonderful, beautiful, unnecessary things to purchase here, that it may even feel overwhelming at times. But do not worry — it is for this exact reason that I have decided to step in and stop you before you get lost. As a fellow art and design student, I would like to be your guide on a quick and quirky trip down Consumer Lane.

Here is a list of my favorite places to go and break the bank in NYC:

1. Printed Matter


If you are interested in anything and everything artistic but in book format, Printed Matter is the place to go. Housing everything from rare editions of established artists’ books to self published newcomers and zines, you could potentially drop a couple hundred bucks, but what’s even better, you can feel just as successful spending five. Some people complain about the lack of tidiness when you get in the store, but I really don’t mind. It feels like you stumbled into the attic of the coolest grandma that ever existed. On top of being a rad store, they offer opportunities to local artists who self publish to sell their artists’ book, and in some cases, will even publish the book. There are also events happening there on a daily basis, so ch-check it out.

195 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011
2. Kiosk
Kiosk is crazy.

As stated on their wall, they quite simply sell “things from places.” Nothing more, nothing less. It is a great place to go if you really aren’t looking for anything in particular, you’re just looking. They get imported goods (toys, toothpaste, etc.) from all over the world, and display them in an awesome space. Although they have temporarily moved locations, their main location is barely noticeable form the outside. I actually walked past is multiple times when I was first looking. Once you get in the door, you walk up a graffiti and sticker covered staircase, go around the corner, and if the door is open, you’ve made it. Although their open hours are sparse, it is worth the wait. I mean, who wouldn’t wait for their chance to get an almost pocket sized “bubble factory” from Germany?

41 Union Square W #925
New York, NY 10003
3. The Evolution Store
Although this store may require a little more specific taste, I have faith that at least a few of you art students might appreciate this place. The Evolution Store houses everything from taxidermy to fossils to art to insects in resin — everything you look for in a store, I’m sure. When you step inside you are immediately surrounded by the remains of dead things, and it is weird.. but also beautiful. They display everything in an artistic way, whether setting up displays or making sculptures, and it requires you to stop and lean in for a closer look. Plus, they advertise very affordable prices on coyote penis bones, which is not something you see all that often outside Montana.
120 Spring St
New York, NY 10012

Have fun

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