Espresso Yourself

In honor of National Coffee Day,  a post from our witty student blogger – Elias Paulson. 


Imagine, if you will:

It is Monday morning, and you over slept. The sun is slapping you in the face, your alarm clock is yelling at you, and to top it off you don’t even know what you’re going to wear. As you rush and stumble through the doorway to get to your 9 a.m. studio class, a thought jumps in your head: coffee must be consumed before I have to interact with another human being.

This scenario, unfortunately, is much too common for an art and design student living in NYC. Fortunately, as an art and design student living in NYC, you have access to amazing coffee just minutes away from your classroom. That being said, here is a list of some of the best coffee shops that are just right around the corner for Parsons students.

1. Joe, The Art of Coffee


Joe is the place to go if you only have a minute before class. Located at 9 East 13th Street, it is literally only a couple feet from the new University Center and Parsons building. There is not a huge amount of space to sit and mingle, so it is usually just a quick and affordable stop for students. Offering a delicious house roast and tasty pastries, Joe is definitely a bright and airy spot for Parsons people to drop by.


2. The Bean


The Bean is a cozy spot located right across the street from the wonderful Strand Bookstore at 824 Broadway. If you are looking to grab a quick lunch along with you coffee or tea, this is a great place to go. From pastries to sandwiches to soups, it offers space to sit down, eat and relax for a couple minutes before you read the email from your professor with a list of supplies you need to buy for your class that starts in half an hour.


3. The Grey Dog’s Coffee

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.21.13 PM

The Grey Dog is a great place to go if you have a little time to spare. Located at 90 University Place, it is still just minutes away from our campus, but you definitely won’t want to be in a hurry when you get here. The Grey Dog not only offers a delicious cup o’ joe, but also amazing food. My favorite is the breakfast menu (Croissant Sandwich for lyfe) — offering everything from omelettes to pancakes to oatmeal — but they also offer pretty killer burgers, tacos and mac n’ cheese. It is a little more spendy, but definitely worth it.


4. Murray’s Bagels


I really can’t say enough about Murray’s. Aside from offering a good cup of coffee, they have the best bagels I’ve ever eaten. I mean, it’s not even close. They bake fresh bagels every day, and make their cream cheese in house — what more can you ask for? I remember my first trip there like it was yesterday:

I had just finished saving a dozen-or-so cats from a tree, so I was a little hungry and a tad bit parched. I walked in and was instantly greeted with a standing ovation, like usual. I bought an iced tea, along with a plain bagel and strawberry cream cheese; It was love at first bite. Ever since it has been a regular stop for myself, as well as a majority of the student population here at the New School.

And along with fish and a full deli menu, Murray’s serves up an amazing lentil soup. It is located at 500 Ave. of the Americas, just steps from our Arnold Hall. Don’t miss it.


So that is the list of my favorite four spots to stop and grab coffee, but there are a bunch more to check out and explore, just within the New School area. Enjoy!

~stay caffeinated~




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