Fashion Week: Walk like a New Yorker

In New York City  around this time of year, fashion week has begun and everyone is wearing their best outfits hoping to be stopped and asked for a photograph or just trying to strut in their new outfit that they have been saving up to buy!



Whatever the reason may be, there are so many people with unique style wandering the streets and it makes for an awesome and inspirational walk around the city. Everyone has even inspired me to pull out some outfits that I was quite excited to wear! Here are a few outfits I have been fairly proud of over the past few semesters. I think, I’m a bit addicted to wearing black. Does that make me a true New Yorker?



Put on your best outfit or just throw something on but be proud of what you’re wearing and become a part of all the cool fashion and flavor that New York has to offer. Nothing like Fashion week to spark some new interesting ensembles!

About allenspencer26

I am an Illustration student at Parsons: The New School for Design! Texas bred, New York fed. I am set to graduate 2016. I love to draw and I really like macaroni and cheese and full throttle energy drink.

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