Get Funky at Orientation Week

It’s beginning to be that time of year again — the leaves are changing, proactive bears are starting to look for a cozy spot to dig their dens for the winter, shortsighted bears continue climbing trees and eating things, and most importantly, the new semester is starting! As you pack your life into a couple suitcases and prepare for the move to NYC, take a minute to look through my list of tips and tricks for your first few weeks here at the New School. It seems as though it was only 360-something days ago that I was getting ready for my own Orientation Week…


1.If you have any questions.. ASK! That is what Engage is for. There are plenty of student workers and admissions staff members on there to help you out. Don’t arrive here slack jawed and wide eyed, and if you haven’t checked out the orientation schedule yet, definitely do so: Orientation Week

2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS WEEK. There are a lot of cool events going on (like the Jazz showcase) that you should attend. Yes, even the dances. Let’s be honest, you are all New School students so you are obviously too cool for those things, but it never hurts. If only to watch art students attempt to dance, it is always worth it. Who knows, you just might even fall for that special someone awkwardly swaying across the room.

giphy  3. If you are dorming, MOVE IN AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. After all, the first one there gets to pick the best spot. Also, wait until everyone gets there to buy the shared items (pots/pans), because you don’t want to end up with five times the necessary amount of plates.



4. Explore. Use your free time this week to get to know your area. You may not have a whole lot of time to do this after this first week, especially here at Parsons where the work starts right when classes do.

5. Enjoy it and get to know your classmates. This first year is the time to be open minded and explore new things, so get into that mindset starting with orientation week.

Have a great first few weeks!


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