Integral City Studio: Collaborative Urban Design in Greensboro, NC

The Integral City Studio is a collaborative project between the New School Urban Collaborative (Parsons design and Milano Graduate Finance Lab students) and Elsewhere, an experimental, living museum and artist residency program in downtown Greensboro, NC. Over the last decade, downtown Greensboro has experienced community vitalization through grassroots and city-led planning, infrastructure, and urban programming initiatives.

This past year, students from our Urban Design, Integrated Design, Interior Design and Architectural Design programs travelled to Greensboro, North Carolina for the Integral City Studio. Over the course of the studio, students engaged with the community through research of cultural hubs and public programming and collaborated with Elsewhere to propose different urban models designed to strengthen connectivity and social connections. Below are some highlights from the studio, from research to design phases.


Research Phase: Students divided into 4 groups and researched Greensboro’s history, keeping in mind factors such as: population and economic shifts, transportation, public space and the different types of buildings that make up the city.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.32.10 PM

Greensboro Timeline – Research Phase



city mapping

city mapping 2

Social Mapping of cultural institutions.


“Breakfast Brainstorm” with New School Urban Collaborative and members of the Greensboro community at Action Greensboro.



Design Ideas and Proposals: After meeting with city residents and employees, the groups used various media to create proposals geared towards the revitalization of  Greensboro’s downtown population.


Design Proposal by Il Ji Choi, Green Pass Touch Screen Kiosk for pedestrians.




Redesigning The Filling Station, by Jonathan Niederer.


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.32.39 PM

For more on this project visit:

Integral City Studio Blog

Elsewhere’s website

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