Student Interview Janet: A Weekend Away, Saint Malo and Le Mont Saint-Michel

Last semester Parsons Paris in relationship with Academic Programs International (API) took a weekend away to Aix-en-Provance in the South of France. This semester, it was time to venture the other direction. Last weekend, thanks to the organization of API, A group of about seven students headed to the North of France to visit Saint Malo and Mt. Saint Michel. Although I didn’t get the chance to go myself, I sat down this week with a good friend of mine, third year BFA fashion design major, and foodie extraordinaire, Janet Yeung, to talk all about the adventure.

ImageMeet Janet!

How was traveling with API?
“It was great! I’ve traveled a bit this semester but it was nice having a trip that was organized for us. When we got to Saint-Malo we had a short audio-guide tour organized for us but then after that there was tons of free time for us to explore amongst ourselves which was a nice surprise. Which for me meant more time for food. ”
How was the food like?
It was very delicious and surprisingly inexpensive. Saint-Malo is on the water so there was lots of seafood. My friend and I split a huge seafood platter and it was only 30 euro total. We decided it was worth a bit of a splurge to taste the local cuisine. I’m all about seeing parts of the world through their local food, that way you eat like the locals eat and get the taste of the city as well as the sights.
So what was there to see in Saint-Malo?
“It was very pretty. Saint Malo, like I said was on the water so we walked around a lot just taking in the nature. Fabienne, one of our guides from API was really knowledgeable about the area so it was nice getting the opinion and stories of someone who was familiar with the city.”
Saint-Malo is located in a Northern part of France called Brittany. It’s a port city, and it’s  known for it’s high concentration of restaurants.

So what did you think of Le Mont Saint-Michel?
“It was cool, we climbed to the top and went all throughout the abbey.  What’s interesting is that really no one lives on the island. It’s actually a big tourist attraction but no one lives there because the island is actually sinking from all the tourism… So it was interesting to see that all the people that even worked on the island didn’t necessarily live there. ”



Le Mont Saint Michel is an Island Commune Located in Normandy.


Because I know you’re dying to talk about it, How was the food in Normandy?

“It was different than Saint Malo, but still good. The pastries were different than they are in Paris. Almost more humble in a way… they use less ornamentation but equally as delicious. All they used was Flour, Butter, and Sugar to Make the delicious treats. Also the popular food here was the fluffy omelet. We had to try it! ”

Image   Image

So overall how was the excursion?
It was great to get out of the city to see the ocean and horizon. It makes me want to see more of France. Still, I am very happy to be back in Paris, because you know, after all, it’s Paris.



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