What Parsons is REALLY Like

As a student blogger I have been doing my best to give our prospective students an honest idea of what life at Parsons is really like. I can only write and share so much so I’ve decided to not say anything! Thanks to social media and the power of hashtags I have compiled photos that will do all the talking for me. They say a photo is worth a thousand words right? 


A Peek Inside Some of our Classrooms


The diversity of the classes and classrooms here at Parsons is one of my favorite aspects of our campus. One class might have you in a lecture hall, the next you might be sewing in a studio and then screenprinting in another! Classes (aside from lectures) are all relatively small and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had more than 20 people in a class during my four years here.


Our Campus!


One of the greatest things about Parsons is that New York City is our campus! To have this awesome city with all of its museums, parks, food, people, etc. at our disposal with its countless other resources is a designers dream and a constant source of inspiration. Not only the city but our actual campus isn’t too bad either, especially with our newest addition of the University Center.




So what does homework look like for a Parsons student? That’s a tough question. This semester I had a paper due about design and consumption, screenprints, as well as a small zine, just to name a few. Above you’ll find students working on sketches, color theory assignments, collages and inspiration boards! A lot of the homework from my experience at Parsons is on-going, meaning, we’re always building from one project to the next, and each small assignment is preparing us for a larger final project.

nom nom nom

Nom Nom Nom


Of course I could not have a post without bragging (once again) about the awesome food we have here at The New School. Brick oven pizza, macaroons (made by a legitimate french pastry chef), soup bowls and grilled tofu, just to name a few of our delicious menu items. Hungry yet?

Thesis / Final Projects

Thesis / Final Projects

Final Projects

My classmates and I work hard here at Parsons and create some really awesome final projects and work for our senior thesis’. From full womenswear collections, to watercolor portraits, product design projects and so much more! To see more of what we’ve been working on please click here.

Events on Campus

Events on Campus


What other schools can say they’ve had fashion moguls like Donna Karan, Victoria Beckham and Diane von Furstenberg as speakers/guests… all in the same year! Not only the speakers I just mentioned but throughout the year we have had speakers from IDEO and many other guest lecturers!

To show off all our hard work during the end of the school year, each year we have something called Parsons Festival. Parsons Festival includes lecturers, exhibitions and other end of the school year related events!

What a Parsons Kid Looks Like!

What a Parsons Kid Looks Like!


There’s not a specific ‘type of student’ we have here at Parsons. But we are definitely a creative, driven, and very international bunch!


Hope this gave you all some additional insight into what Parsons really looks like!

About Lauren

Hey all! I am currently a junior at Parsons in the Integrated Design fashion program. You can usually find me creating or making things, I love a great D.I.Y. Other favorite activities of mine include thrifting, consuming frozen yogurt, dancing and discovering new music!

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  1. Joy Roach

    Hey Lauren! Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion about The New School. I’ve been debating if i should actually apply to this school but this post and talking to the admissions office gives me all the more reason and willingness to proceed with this process.

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