Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week. Three words that caused a whole lot of excitement in the city this week, and specifically around the halls of Parsons Paris. This semester the Paris campus teamed up with a company called InDigital Media in collaboration with working right out of our gallery space. This prime location was a hotspot for students this week as we were passing in and out of the building as runners to major PFW shows.


Early in the week, New York’s Dean of the School of Fashion Simon Collins did a talk with Fashion Designer Masha Ma and Editor-in-chief of Dirk Standen, which was a great send off to the week of events. They talked about globalization of fashion and the future of “the young designer,” in the fashion industry. Masha Ma talked about her experiences breaking into the industry, her ups and downs, but specifically about showing in Paris. Both Dirk Standen and Masha Ma agreed that the designers that show in Paris (or whatever city for that matter) do so because of the lifestyle the customer who’s attending the show. There’s a lot to be said about showing in Paris with it’s haute couture roots, and it’s powerhouse labels that present here; that is those who show in Paris know what they’re doing, and know what it says about the brand.

One of the many things that is exciting about Paris Fashion Week is that it seems like every season there is a piece of fashion history in the making. Last season it was Marc Jacobs final show for Louis Vuitton at the Louvre, This season it was Nicolas Ghesquière’s premiere collection for the house. Even more exciting, this fashion week students got to participate in attending the shows. “This week’s adventures could only happen in Paris, it’s just another reason I am so grateful to study here,” said third year BFA Fashion Design Major Nitzan Nevo who attended both Stella McCartney and Giambattista Valli Paris Fashion Week shows. Other shows attended by our students included Dries Van Noten, Rochas, Rick Owens, Balmain, Luis Buchinho, Maxime Simoens, AF Vandevorst, Hussein Chalayan, Masha Ma, and the list goes on.


I was lucky to attend the Chalayan show which was held at the Palais des beaux-arts. The place was buzzing with early fashion week excitement. Having walked by the venue plenty of times I did not know what to expect in terms of a Fashion Week transformation, but as expected Chalayan did not disappoint.


Janet Yeung, also a third year BFA Fashion Design Major, had an interesting perspective on the weeks events, “To be one of the lucky students to work with InDigital Media and by participating in Paris Fashion Week, was a really valuable experience for me. Just to get around the area, meet the “prestigious” fashion people, to go behind the scenes of the shows was eyeopening. What also amazed me about this experience was to see the differences between New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Unlike NYFW, Paris felt surprisingly a bit more casual with the actual entrances of the shows, but more serious with the preparations for the brands and companies. Even the people going to the shows have their distinctive differences.”

Those who work and study fashion know that the process of preparing a show is not nearly as glamourous as having a front row seat at a Paris Fashion Week, but having the opportunity to see it from that perspective certainly does not hurt. It’s encouraging to see that regardless of “instant-show-feeds” and excessive access on social media, the excitement of going to a fashion show still exists.

Thanks again to everyone at InDigital Media,, and Parsons Paris for making this week possible.

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