Places Around Campus: The University Center Cafeteria

The New University Center Cafeteria!

The New University Center Cafeteria!

Yesterday was my first day at the newly finished University Center and boy was I in awe. I don’t have any classes in the building but after seeing my friends post photos of it on Instagram, I knew I needed to get over there as soon as possible to see it for myself! I headed straight upstairs to the cafeteria on the second floor and while I haven’t really ventured around the building too much it is definitely safe to say that this will be my favorite part, and most likely my favorite part of the entire school as well. I really like food.

Deli and line for the burger bar

Deli and line for the burger bar

Don’t get me wrong, our food amenities before this new addition were by no means bad. Lang Cafe has a sushi bar, there are handmade pizzas at Arnhold Hall and a cafe that features cheaper Starbucks drinks as well. But, while those were smaller dinning areas and cafes this new cafeteria has created a much larger space with multiples stations such as a deli sandwich bar, a burger bar and a grill where the menu changes daily. Today on the menu is a choice of roasted chicken, salmon and skirt steak with side options such as veggies, potatoes or rice pilaf. Can you say yum? There are also many vegetarian options as well as there is a fully stocked salad bar which today features broccoli mac and cheese!

Who Instagrams cafeteria food? Oh, yup that's right, we do!

Who Instagrams cafeteria food? Oh, yup that’s right, we do!

While walking around the cafeteria all you can here anyone say is how awesome and amazing everything is. I think we all knew the new building was going to be something special but this is above and beyond anyone’s expectations! Something especially unusual is seeing New Schoolers snapping away photos of their food. It’s not everyday you see people taking photos of cafeteria food, but I guess it’s not everyday a school cafeteria serves crème brûlée either!

Brick Oven Pizza!

Brick oven pizza!

One of the things I was concerned about when going to this fancy shmancy new cafeteria was the price of everything, especially since I live off-campus and do not have a meal plan. Well I worried for nothing! I ordered a pizza with caramelized onions, with fresh basil drizzled with balsamic and my total came out to be a whopping $5! The New School campus is primarily situation within Greenwhich Village and it can sometimes be difficult to find a good meal on a college student budget, but with these affordable prices and delicious food it is definitely making things a lot easier!

Pastries galore!

Pastries galore!

I’m a little bit jealous of all you underclassmen who will have years in this new building! But in my last semester I am going to be taking advantage of this new cafeteria as much as I can, and I’ll probably be that creepy alumni who keeps coming back as well.

Cheers to the new building!

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