Places Around Campus: The Printshop

The shop!

The printshop

There are so many awesome resources and facilities here at Parsons it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all! For me, one of my favorite places at Parsons happens to be on the 4th floor of the Sheila  Johnson Design Center… the Print Shop! Since first semester of my junior year when I took my first printmaking class, I have been hooked! I love the hands on process of printmaking, seeing your vision come to life and being able to make multiples of it! 

Lithography press'

Lithography press’

Classes offered here at in shop include screenprinting, lithography, etching, mixed media, artists books and more. Some of my favorite classes I’ve had while at Parsons have definitely been in printmaking and I am currently taking Printmaking Senior Studio with Scott Nobles and Advanced Screenprinting with Michael Kirk! With the growing popularity of all the printmaking classes (it’s very difficult to get into one unless you are an upperclassman) it only seems befitting that it is in the works of expanding printmaking into an actual minor here at Parsons! Sigh… one of the few times I wish I was not a senior.

Etching press'

Etching press’

Ensuring that students are safe and healthy is another great thing about the printshop. Chemicals used for printing can be very harmful but our shop strives to be as green as we possibly can! Little to no toxic chemicals are present in the lab and every instructor really makes a point to introduce water soluble inks and other non-hazardous supplies.

Screenprinting area

Screenprinting area

One of my favorite areas in the printshop is no doubt the screenprinting area. Last semester I took my first class in screenprinting and I absolutely loved being able to print my art on everything from paper to totes and t-shirts. Another impressive feature of the print shop is that you can also do your own digital printing! 

Student prints

Student prints

So whatever your major is or will be at Parsons be sure to make printmaking apart of it! 

Happy Printing! 

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Hey all! I am currently a junior at Parsons in the Integrated Design fashion program. You can usually find me creating or making things, I love a great D.I.Y. Other favorite activities of mine include thrifting, consuming frozen yogurt, dancing and discovering new music!

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