Parsons Paris: Student Interview, Yaël!

New Art, Media and Technology student Yaël tells us why Paris is a great place to study design and gives some good advice to those who may be applying in the near future. 
-Hi! Lets start by telling us where you’re from and what your intended major at Parsons Paris will be?
I’m Yaël Bienenstock from Brussels in Belgium and am intending on majoring in Art, Media and Technology.
-What are you most excited about for the upcoming school year?
What I am most excited about for the upcoming school year it to finally learn about the design industry and to get inside of this designer’s world. I can’t wait to develop new skills and to broaden my perception to be able to affirm a style of my own. I am also looking forward for collaborations and the use of new programs which will allow me to realize projects I never could do in the past.
-Have you been to Paris before and if so, what’s your favorite thing to do in the city?
Yes I have been many times with my family but also lived there for a month two summers ago for a college drawing course. My absolute favorite thing to do in the in Paris is to walk, to wander in the streets and get lost. That way you get to observe so many interesting and beautiful things. Paris is a city where there are always so many events taking place and that is one of the reasons why I love it so much.
-What about Paris do you think makes it a special place to study business and design?
I think Paris, as a constantly moving city is a perfect place to study design. It has this special relationship with time as if it had no effect on it. Paris doesn’t age. Paris is unique. It has developed its own design and style which the whole world today recognizes and appreciate. Still it is modern by its events and ideas.
-Why did you choose Parsons?
I chose Parsons because I have heard so many exciting things about it and its reputation is amazing. I also know people that have or are studying there and they were all thrilled with the courses.
-What kind of internships do you think you’ll gravitate towards? 
I actually am not at all sure yet about my major and my future directions but I would like to get internships in maybe some galleries or designers workshops to really get an insight of the business and the different fields it can lead to.
-Where do you get your inspiration from? 
I mostly get my inspiration from humanity. How we interact, how we feel, how we function. Why we do certain things at certain times. IU think the human mind is very interesting. Most of my past work is based on human psychology and I actually followed some of Freud’s theories about the inner self. I am very interested in everything that is related to our emotions and perceptions. I also get inspired buy dreams a lot especially for colors and textures. I love to work with light and water and to create a special atmosphere through my pieces.
-Any advice for students looking to apply to Parsons Paris in the future?
An advice would be don’t limit yourself at “prettiness”. Think out of the box. Do something unusual and personal. Let the viewer see your own perception of the world through your pieces and not just another interpretation of already used ideas. Do not be afraid.
-Favorite travel destination?
My favorite travel destination would be the islands in Greece. I think they are pure beauty and have not changed throughout time. It is a place that inspires nostalgia and unleashes deep emotions… at least for me!
-Anything else you’d like to share with us, personal blogs or projects?
I do not really have a personal blog and I am not good at keeping updates so all of my works and their process are in physical diaries I always keep with me.
Thank you again for your interest!

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