Welcome Callie, our very first Parsons Paris blogger!

Hey everyone! Katie and I would like to introduce Callie to the team! Callie is spending some time at Parsons Paris this Fall and will graciously be our eyes and ears in France for the next few months, giving us some inside tips on all the food, fashion and fun times she’s having.


Hello & Bonjour

My name is Callie and I am Junior in the BFA Fashion Design Program at Parsons. I like eating, exploring the outdoors, watching youtube videos, I am obsessed with Instagram, and if I could I would have all of the shoes in the world.

Originally from Connecticut, it was an easy jump for me to the New York but this year I am very fortunate to be a part of the inaugural class of Parsons Paris (Yes, you heard me right, Paris, France)! For any fashion design student, being immersed in as much fashion culture as possible is the goal; but for me, being able to live in Paris is a dream. I chose to go to Parsons Paris because although I will miss New York dearly, design knows no boundaries. That is why Parsons the New School for Design is doing its part to become a much more global university. We are all looking forward to hearing about the new campus’ across the world, but this year- for me- it’s all about Paris!

If you’d like to come along for the ride, I hope to be posting regularly about what it’s like live and study in Paris. I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures,  but I have to go have some first, À Bientôt!


  1. John & Marialaine Figuerres

    Bonjour Katie or Callie, my wife and I are parents of a new student that has been accepted to your wonderful school. As parents we have many questions and were wondering if we may be put in contact with someone who might be able to answer a few questions that we might have. In particular we would be very interested in communicating with any American parents who also have children attending Parsons Paris. The reason for this is that we are interested in simple issues such as recommendations on how to ensure they have a good cell phone carrier, credit card use and foreign transactions fees etc. Other questions such as opening bank accounts in France for the student, what meetings as parents should we set up when planning on traveling to Parsons Paris, just to name a few. Merci for your help.
    John & Marialaine

    • Katie

      Hi there John & Marialaine,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I would be happy to help you to get in contact with Callie or any other Parsons Paris student who had to deal with some of your concerns. Please feel free to email me at grosske@newschool and I will be able to help you from there.



      • John & Marialaine Figuerres

        Hello Katie,
        I tried sending you an email but received a non-delivery message. My email is figuerrej002@hawaii.rr.com, could you send me an email? or is there another email address you would like me to try. Thanks.

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