Tips for Getting the Most Out of Orientation

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To all the new students who will be moving to The New School this weekend, GET EXCITED!  You’ve made it through your years of high school and living under your parents’ roofs, and it’s finally time for you to step your feet on New York City territory and begin your new lives as Parsonites!  There’s a lot planned for the next couple days, so I wanted to share some tidbits of advice for getting the most out of your Welcome Weekend and Orientation.   In addition to working with Parsons Admissions, I’ve also had the pleasure of working at the Office of Student Development and Activities (OSDA) this summer as a Student Orientation Coordinator.  Basically, it means that my partner (a wonderful Langster!) and myself spent our summer organizing, coordinating, and planning all the events for this upcoming week.  As a student who attended Orientation three years ago and as an Orientation Leader (OL) who worked during the past two Orientations, I’ve got quite a bit of insight on your first few weeks at The New School.

1. Check your schedule

For all new students attending Welcome Weekend, download AND PRINT the schedule.  The link to the PDF can be found on the right side box on the Welcome Weekend page, and it lists all the events and activities that we’re holding from Thursday, August 15 until Sunday, August 18.

More importantly, you’ll definitely need to look through your Orientation Week schedules.  From Monday, August 19 through Friday, August 23, each New School division will hold its own series of Orientation meetings to help you become acclimated with your programs, your curriculums, and your school.  You can find the Orientation schedules on the Orientation Week page (posted above), but be certain you download and print the correct schedule (AKA PARSONS!)  Some of the meetings are MANDATORY, so be sure to thoroughly sift through the list and add the particular events that apply to your major to your calendars.

2. Take care of business

There’s a couple of housekeeping things you’ll need to take care of upon your arrival.  In addition to checking into Welcome Weekend and your residence halls, you’ll also need to pick up your ID card (if you submitted a picture) or have your picture taken for your newcard at Campus Card Services, which is located at 66 West 12th St on the 4th floor.  International Students MUST also check in with International Student Services, which will have a desk in the lobby of 6 East 16th St.  If you have questions about immunizations, disability services, or health insurance, be sure to stop by Student Health Services at 80 5th Ave.  You can also use this time to visit Student Financial Services at the lower level of 72 5th Ave for any questions about financial aid, billing, and payments.

3. Leave the parents behind!!

You’ve probably spent at least a good eighteen years in the comforting embrace of your parents’ love and protection, but it’s time to cut loose and blossom into the mature, creative spirits that you’ve wanted to become at Parsons!  While there are a handful of events designed to satisfy your parents’ needs (including Parent Receptions and our “Ask a Student” Panels), an important thing to keep in mind is that Welcome Weekend truly is designated for YOU the students.  Send your parents to a cafe or a museum and enjoy your newfound freedom on campus!

4. Attend the events

We’ve got a lot of great events planned for this weekend, so you should definitely plan to attend!  Not only are they always a fun time, but they’re also the places where you’ll get to get to meet and mingle with your fellow new students.  On Thursday evening, we’re hosting a Jam Session on the 5th floor of Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th) from 7-9 pm featuring two bands who are alumni of The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music.  We’ve also got our Great Gatsby themed Late Night Party on Saturday night from 8-11 pm at 90 5th Ave.  Come dressed in your dancing shoes and Roaring Twenties best (I booked a pretty sick local DJ too!!!)  If chill jazz is more your style, we’re also hosting our annual Jazz Coffeehouse on the 2nd floor of Arnhold Hall, featuring live performances by students from The New School for Jazz.  There’s so many more to list on here, but you can check out your schedule to see the descriptions, times, and locations.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask!

You have three Orientation Leader sessions scheduled for this weekend—Friday from 6-6:45 pm, Saturday from 11 am-12 pm, and Sunday from 2:30 pm-4 pm.  You’ll meet with your orientation group, and your OL with be there to answer any of your questions!  Remember, orientation staff will be floating around campus all weekend, so keep your eyes out for our OL t-shirts!

Good luck with move-in and welcome to Parsons!!


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