Best of Paris: Montmartre

Bonjour everyone and greetings from Paris! After my study abroad summer classes in London ended I took a short 2 hour train ride to Paris and here I am! It’s one of the most incredible and magical cities I’ve ever been to and although I am only here for a short while I have done quite a bit of exploring form museums and the eiffel tower to smaller less touristy neighborhoods and also eating a lot of macaroons, a lot.

The picture-esque Montmartre!

The picture-esque Montmartre!

It’s super exciting that the new Parsons Paris will be opening this fall, the location is very central in the 1st arrondissement of Paris within walking distance of great places like the Lourve, Pont des Arts (Lock Bridge), Tuillers Gardens and so many more amazing attractions! While the area is one you must explore it can also be a bit touristy. One of my favorite neighborhoods I’ve been to during my stay has been Montmartre. This charming hilltop area located in the 18th arrondissment is filled with small shops and cafes and cobblestone streets. When you think of a typical Parisian neighborhood this artistic village will surely pop into your head and you feel  compelled to break out your baguette and beret.

I actually spent the fourth of July this year in this area and I had an awesome day! Here I’ll take you through my own neighborhood guide of the lovel Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre!

Hilly streets of Montmartre

Hilly streets of Montmartre

Walk Everywhere

Although not a central location in Paris, that is one of the reasons Montmartre it is so great.  Accessible from the Eifell Tower in 20 minutes and many other major attractions, this neighborhood is a great way to relax from all the hustle and bustle. One of the best things to do in this location is just to walk around! Explore the tiny side streets and you are bound to stumble upon something really great.This area also reminds me of San Francisco, solely for the inclined and hilly streets! Prepare with your walking shoes your also bound to get a good workout!

Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery

Some of the best food I had while in Paris was at Rose Bakery. After taking a stroll through the neighborhood I highly recommend stopping here! This small cafe not only has an amazing assortment of baked goods and pastries but omelets, quiches, thin crusted pizzettes (pizzas) and great pressed juices. One of the highlights of the bakery is the quality of the ingredients, many being organic or from small local producers!

Broncante des Abbesses

Broncante des Abbesses


You won’t find any of your typical stores like H&M here but you will find some pretty unique gems. The outdoor market Brocante des Abbesses or Flea of Abbesses is a small second-hand market you won’t have a problem with finding anything one-of-a-kind. Other shopping in the area includes handcraft stores, and tons of small vintage boutiques.

View from the top of Montmartre

View from the top of Montmartre

Point of View

As I mentioned earlier there are stairs galore in this area but of course its not just all work with no reward! At the neighborhoods peak sits an amazing view of Paris and the beautiful Sacre Coeur church. The breathtaking views of Paris are definitely worth the trek! The best time to come here would be in the morning before it gets too crowded or in the evening to enjoy the city lights!

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer! Happy travels!

About Lauren

Hey all! I am currently a junior at Parsons in the Integrated Design fashion program. You can usually find me creating or making things, I love a great D.I.Y. Other favorite activities of mine include thrifting, consuming frozen yogurt, dancing and discovering new music!

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