Best of NYC: Outdoor Art

Robert Indiana's Love sculpture

Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture

Art in New York City is absolutely everywhere! Instead of checking your phone while walking around, look up, look around! You never know what you might see or run into! To see impressive works of art in the City does not require a trip to the MET or the MOMA, instead a quick subway ride or even a walk is all you need to see some the best public outdoor art and best of all, they are completely free! I urge everyone, especially while the weather is nice, to check out some of these works! Below is a list of some of my favorites! 

Crack is Wack by Keith Haring

Crack is Wack by Keith Haring

The Classics

You’ve definitely seen a lot of these pieces maybe online, in a magazine or even in a book. But the best part? They have become sort of art-landmarks in the city and are absolutely free to view whenever you want! My favorite out of the bunch is Keith Haring’s Crack is Wack. One of his best surviving murals located on FDR and 128th street this is definitely a must see! Other classics are: Robert Indiana’s Love located at 6th ave and West 55th street and Gay Liberation by George Segal located in Christopher Park.

Popeye inspired mural by Crash

Popeye inspired mural by Crash

Bowery Graffiti Wall

Ah, the ever-changing Bowery Graffiti Wall, definitely features some of the coolest murals. 30 years ago Keith Haring put up the first mural and from 1984 it became a site for commercial advertising until 2008 when it became a rotating mural space for artists. Since then artists such as Shepherd Farley, Os Gemeos, Kenny Scharf and more have shown their work here. Currently a Popeye inspired mural by graffiti artist Crash (aka John Matos) is on display. Check it out on Bowery and Houston Street in downtown Manhattan!

Thomas Schutte's United Enemies

Thomas Schutte’s United Enemies

Catch it While You Can

During the spring and summer there are tons of little public outdoor art exhibitions that pop up everywhere. Not to be missed is Thomas Schutte’s United Enemies in central park on display until August 25th, 2013. Others you want to catch include Orly Genger’s Red Yellow and Blue installation in Madison Square Park on view until September 8th and Alexandra Arrechea’s No Limits, which features ten sculptures down Park avenue, on view until June 9th.

Broken Bridge II by

Broken Bridge II by El Anatsui

The High Line 

Not only is the High Line one of the best parks in New York City which offers amazing views of Manhattan; but, it is also a site for many public art installations. One of my favorites currently on view is El Anatsui, Broken Bridge II. This monumental sculpture made of pressed tin and mirrors hangs next to the High Line and will be on view until September.

5 Pointz graffiti in Long Island City

5 Pointz graffiti in Long Island City

5 Pointz

It would be silly to make a list of amazing public outdoor art spaces in the city without mentioning this one. 5 pointz is a graffiti mecca and perfect for all you Instagrammers (like myself). Located in Long Island City, Queens it is basically a giant warehouse covered in some of the most amazing graffiti, which also changes frequently. Afterwards you could also check out MOMA PS1 also located in Long Island City. Definitely worth the quick trip outside of Manhattan!

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