Hudson River Park

New York is busy, bustling, and exciting.  Isn’t that why we chose to go to school in the city?  Sometimes al that concrete and the commotion of traffic can become a bit overwhelming. Balancing class, homework, FINALS, working, and interning, it’s sometimes difficult to find that special place to clear my mind.  Luckily, the city boasts some of the most incredible urban parks in the world (New York ranked top 10 according to Frommer’s Travel Guide!).  Need your fix of nature between class?  There’s always Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park, or even The High Line, but my favorite definitely has to be Hudson River Park.

Sunbathers on one of the many fields of fresh grass in Hudson River Park

Just a few blocks from The New School’s home base in the Greenwich Village, you’ll find the western edge of Manhattan Island.  Stretching between 59th Street to Battery Park in the Financial District, Hudson River Park includes all of the recreational amenities you can ask for.  Tennis courts, skateparks, jogging and biking paths, and dog parks dot the west side—all with a gorgeous river view.  In the summer, they even have concerts and movie screenings!  Not to mention, the park gets a loss less foot traffic from tourists (compared to Central Park or The High Line, for example), which is always a plus in my mind 😀

A five mile bike and jogging path runs along the Hudson River

Before I even came to Parsons, I was already in love with the park.  I was in the city looking at schools, and I visited a friend who was in her first year at Lang.  One of my favorite memories was having a picnic dinner with her on Pier 45, and it was then that I decided that New York was the place for me.  Since then, Pier 45 has been my favorite escape.


Sunset tango sessions on Pier 45

Located at Christopher Street, it’s a pretty short walk from campus.Pier 45’s main draw is its huge patch of fresh, well-kept grass.  It’s a rarity to find grass this green and beautiful like in the city…or anywhere for that matter.  The pier juts out into the river, which provides a pretty incredible backdrop for a picnic, sunbathing, just chilling with friends, or a even a romantic date for you lovebirds out there.  I’ve even stopped to watch the free tango sessions that take place at the end of the pier every Wednesday evening.  When I lived in the dorms, I used to love to go running along the Hudson after a stressful day of class.  I was always sure to make a point to take a short breather at Pier 45.  Give me a cool breeze, an alluring sunset, and my athletic sneakers, and I’ve got the perfect ending to a long day.

I’ve been swamped with finals, but the end of the semester is around the corner 🙂 Definitely can’t wait to have time to enjoy the weather at the park!


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