Great GoogaMooga!

Ohhh, the month of May… a perfect time to savor the flowers brought on by those April showers. But wait. There’s only one thing standing in the way of you and those glorious sun rays….

Yes… the time for finals has almost dawned upon us.

Hold on! Don’t freak out yet! Because even if finals means staying up super late, running around the city like a chicken with its head cut off, and spending hours upon hours drifting off to sleep at the computer lab, if you manage your time right, May itself has some pretty cool things to offer.

For the sake of your mental health,  make it so that you can take a few days off and explore these amazing festivities.



What: Queen’s Taste

When: May 14th 6-9 PM

Where: Ceasars Club, Citi Field

Flushing, NY




What: The Great GoogaMooga:

When: May 17-19

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn


“At Great GoogaMooga you will eat and drink from New York’s top restaurants and leading wineries and breweries. You’ll listen to top musical acts. You’ll dine, dance and drink with your friends at imaginatively themed parties and events. You’ll connect with a community that understands that the best things in life aren’t things at all—they’re experiences like this.

Presented by the folks who bring you Bonnaroo, Outside Lands and other major festivals—and served up with Brooklyn “indie” spirit—Great GoogaMooga is a celebration of all that’s good to eat, drink, experience and share here in America’s food capital.”



What: The Five Boro Bike Tour: TBA


So think of this as a tiny guide to getting away from the stresses that finals can bring. I do not advocate avoiding your studies by any means, but I do support working so efficiently that you will have time to get in on some serious fun at some point. Taking care of yourself is extremely important in moments like these. I hope some of you get the chance to make it out to these incredible events! Oh, and good luck on finals, of course 🙂


About Renee

Professional late bloomer//aspiring textile designer always looking for a laugh!


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