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Looking for some cool art to decorate your dorm walls?  Head over to, where you can pick from a handpicked selection of 39 different works of art by our very own Parsons students!

For those of you who don’t know what is, think of it as a Groupon for good design.  Specially curated selections of home goods, clothing, pet accessories, and other fun knick-knacks go on sale for a limited time, which can be purchased through the online store.

This week only, you’ll find a curated collection of illustrations, graphic designs, and photographs by Parsons students that will surely fancy your aesthetic desires.  For only $19, you can own an 18 x 24 inch print of some pretty sick artwork!!

Top row (from left to right): Eunice Choi, Carina Giacomelli, Pallavi Gupta Bottom row (from left to right): Anastasia Ionkin, Hannah Drossman, Anastasia Ionkin

Top row (from left to right): Eunice Choi, Carina Giacomelli, Pallavi Gupta
Bottom row (from left to right): Anastasia Ionkin, Hannah Drossman, Anastasia Ionkin

Michael Anderson, a Communication Design junior (who also happens to be my roommate from freshman year!), created the fancatsic illustration you see below.  He first heard about the competition while taking Beyond the Page last semester, a multi-disciplinary class that combines elements of illustration with packaging, object, animation, advertising, and logo design.  His professor for the class Noël Callo, previously organized a similar competition in Novemeber 2012 that teamed up with BFA Illustration students from Parsons.  After hearing about the latest competition from Noël, Michael—along with 150 other Parsons students—submitted pieces for site.  After a few weeks of deliberation, 39 pieces were selected for the sale.

"Blue Cat" by Michael Anderson

“Blue Cat” by Michael Anderson

Using acrylic paint on cardboard, Michael created “Blue Cat” for the competition, though he initially had another idea in mind…

“Though the intended purpose of this painting was to be a punny birthday card for my sister, who’s actually ambivalent about cats, turned into a small obsession of how I could reinterpret “meow” and other common words and phrases. In a lot of my work I attempt to add some sort of humor and direct these probably not funny jokes that consume my thoughts.

I’d also like to say that this piece was completed with a lot of purrpose, but if anything is seen as unsavory and not so pawsitive, I’d like to retract my clawments.”

Being friends with Michael for the past few years, I know he’s never short of his witty jokes.  He’s currently taking a children book illustration class that he’s basing off these purrfect puns.  Maybe one day he’ll get his book published!  Until then, you can support the artist by buying a print of his piece online.  When I asked him if he was receiving any other prizes besides gaining some great exposure, he told me that he’ll get a portion of the revenue from each purchase!  But even more importantly, Michael swears that, “My mom says it’s cool too.

And you know what they say…mother knows best.  So follow the words of wisdom from his mom and be sure to check out to purchase work by Michael, as well as support our other talented artists Annalise Olson, Emmy Reiss, Tephany Padreganda, Olivia Robertson, Annie Seo, Leanne Shunney, Thomas Snowden, Madelyn Somers, Grace Wagner, Jenni Mallinen, Alice Yuen, Julie Chea, Beth Zimmerman, Annie Li, Sarah Bibel, John Bussiere, Isabel Castillo, Vincy Cheung, YouMee Cho, Eunice Choi, Carina Giacomelli, Pallavi Gupta, Anastasia Ionkin, Hannah Drossman, Katie Dunham, and Emily Ho.  Congratulations to all of our artists!!

Happy shopping!

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