Support Your Local Community Garden!


Hey guys!

Everyone is buzzing about this amazing weather, and rightfully so! This particular winter was pretty brutal on us New Yorkers, so no wonder there seems to be a little pep ineveryone’s step these days. Along with Syd’s amazing Spring to-do list, I want to take this opportunity to encourage you all to get out and spend some time at your local community garden! It’s very important get outdoors from time to time, and there are hundreds of places that serve to replenish a nature junkie’s need for green space in the city. I’m linking you all to a wonderful website that lists all of the community gardens in NYC, along with a little bit of history on them if you are interested.

Wanna take an extra step? Try volunteering at one! There are plenty of opportunities to help out. This site also tells you how you can even start your very own community garden.


Did you know that New York City has over 600 communal herb gardens?? That is the ultimate news for anyone who loves to cook. Although most of them tend to be members-only, the concept of an herb garden where the public can partake in nature’s bounty is fascinating.   Check one out here.

A really special part of the East Village community is LaGuardia Corner Gardens, located on the corner of Bleecker Street and LaGuardia Place.  Having been around since 1981, it boasts multiple kinds of flora and fauna… it’s the kind of garden that makes you want to sit and read a book because it’s just so darn pretty. It also doesn’t hurt that it is not a very far walk from school. So go check it out if you haven’t yet! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Moral of the story: Get outdoors and bask in what many people have worked so hard to make happen! Get involved. New York can never have enough of those willing to make it a more beautiful place.

Happy Spring!


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