Spring Has (FINALLLLLY) Sprung!!!!

Well Punxsutawney Phil lied, and we certainly didn’t get the early spring he predicted.  As the gusty winter winds kept blowing and snow kept blanketing the city streets, many of us were beginning to lose hope that spring would ever come.  Maybe the Mayans were right?  So what if the Apocalypse didn’t happen on 12/21/12?  Then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day either.  I was beginning to think that this never-ending winter was a sign that the world was coming to a slow, frosty demise.  BUT AT LAST…

5 day forecast

5 Day Forecast lookin’ mighty fine!

Rest assured, our world is not coming to an end.  The temperature is rising, and the sun is making an appearance once again!  We’re still waiting on the flowers to bloom, but hey, better late than never.  As we Parsonites push through the final half of the semester and you future Parsonites prepare for the next chapter of your lives, here’s a spring to-do list for both on- and off-campus:

1Time to put your winter coats back in storage.  Finally, I can retire my heavy boots and my chunky scarves for my Toms and Ray-Bans.  Today, I even dug down to the depths of my dresser to yank out my favorite pair of shorts!  TAKE THAT WINTER.

2Us New Yorkers love ourselves some good ol’ Sunday brunch.  This past weekend was no different, except this time I got to bask in the beautiful sunshine as I chowed down on my Egg’s Benedict.  You know it’s spring again when restaurants start setting tables back outside!

3Beach weather is quickly approaching, and we can no longer hide our imperfections under layers of oversized sweaters.  Why not get back into shape with a sunset run?  I was so happy to finally return to my warm weather running route after class.  Across the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan and back…what a beautiful backdrop for some spring exercise!

4Congrats to our newest Parsonites!  Accepted Students Day will be held on Sunday, April 21.  For those of you who can make it to New York, enjoy a day on campus and learn more about Parsons, The New School, and life in the city!

5 copy Yes, it’s getting to that time of the year again.  The end of the semester means the return of the annual Parsons Festival!  From May 5th to May 25th, Parsons will be hosting a flurry of events that will not only include guest speakers and workshops, but more importantly, it’ll showcase the work of our very own Parsons students.

6If I could say one negative thing about spring, it’s the allergies.  Luckily, the city doesn’t boast as much greenery as say…my hometown in Pennsylvania, but take your Claritin and avoid the watery eyes and runny nose!  I always like to carry around a pack of travel tissues…you never know when you’ll get the sniffles.

7Oh, summeritis…


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Sup! I'm Syd. I just recently graduated from the Strategic Design & Management program this past fall, but I'm still kickin' it on iheartparsons.com to offer some words of wisdom! I love Sriracha sauce, quoting Spongebob Squarepants, solving Rubik's Cubes, and electronic dance music. Go Parsons!

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