Like a Glove!

Choosing a school is among the first major life decisions that a lot of us make. It’s important to do your research when picking a school and always keep in mind what your personal wants and needs are for a learning institution. Here are good things to take note when making your decision.


Studying in a big city

Here at The New School, we consider New York City as an extension of our campus.  We are right in the middle of Greenwich Village and within walking distance of subway trains that will take you to any corner of any borough. Our students are independent, city-smart and they thrive off of learning in this environment. We offer several courses that take advantage of our location by using the city as a classroom. Going to college in a big city is not for everyone, so, ask yourself: Do you want to study in a place that has an enclosed campus with a large quad? Do you want to live in a smaller, college-town? Does studying in a bustling metropolitan center sound exciting?




Academic Structure

One thing that we love about Parsons is that it is one of the seven divisions that make up The New School. We are an art and design school with all of the resources of a university, which supports our philosophy that in order to be an innovative artist or designer, interdisciplinarity and collaboration is a must. We have cross-divisional programs, a Dual Degree with Eugene Lang Liberal Arts College, and artist talks and colloquia focusing on everything from food and urbanization to theater and politics. Knowing how a school is academically structured may greatly influence your decision, so keep it in mind when you’re thinking about not only where you want to learn, but how you want to learn.




If rooting on your favorite Division 1 sports team in college is a deal-breaker, then be sure to check your potential school’s sports program when you’re researching. Many colleges and universities in large, highly populated, cities simply do not have the room to support several sports teams.  That said, you can still adopt that city’s professional sports team as your own and get affordable tickets to those games instead. New York City has over 10 major league sports teams including the Yankees, Knicks and Rangers. Play on.



Cute Cat Photography 101

Majors and Programs

Sometimes we get really attached to a school, be it by, legacy, family tradition or popularity. If you already have a school in mind, make sure that the school has the program you’re looking for. College prestige is great, but you’re not going to be happy there if you’re not studying what YOU want to study. If that school doesn’t offer the program you’re looking for, then keep looking, there’s a school out there for everyone.




Go with your instincts

If the minute you set foot on a school’s campus and you think to yourself ‘this is it!’ Trust your gut, it’s usually right. Feeling comfortable at a school is very important. Your college years are going to be some of the most exciting, confusing, surprising and challenging of your life. Make sure you can find a place that allows you to grow and still be yourself.


Happy Hunting!

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