What do YOU know about Urban Design?

“Five years ago upon reading about urban designers and planners, I was surprised that such a career exists. I started to dream about designing a city like Manhattan.” – Dobin Son, Urban Design BS student.

ny skyline

Cities around the world are sites of challenge and innovation. New York City is one of the world’s great urban laboratories, incubating creative art, design, and media practices that have broad influence on and relevance to other cities around the world.

The Urban Design Bachelor of Science (BS) program at Parsons is the country’s first undergraduate urban design program housed in an art and design school. Students in the program learn to act as agents of global change and apply design processes to the study of cities, services, and ecosystems. Structured both in seminar and studio based courses, Parsons uses its vast international network as a resource for fieldwork and community based partnerships.


Bangkok: The Architecture of 3 Ecologies Exhibition

Parsons students travelled to Thailand to work with students and faculty from Chulalongkorn University on a project examining municipal boat transportation along the San Saeb Canal.




Street Life, photo meditation by Lea Lin-Boehmer.


Students in Urban Design address issues of community participation, sustainability, communication, economies of scale, and the impact and meaning of messages in the public sphere. Collaborative projects also offer students opportunities to take part in real work-world situations with diverse groups. Recent NYC partners include

Recent international partners:

Recent open source community partners:


Learn more about Urban Design at Parsons here!



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