Snapshots with Daniel: Baked Goods

Whats up everyone! Snapshots with Daniel (Photo major, clever, we know) will be a series that gives a quick glimpse into an aspect of NYC living, first up Baked Goods and  Birdbaths.

In my travels around this vast city I am always looking for new and different places to eat. New York City is riddled with different types of eateries, and some of the nations best bakeries. I recently have come across a string of small bakeries in the Village called “birdbaths”. These are sub bakeries of the famous City Bakery on  3 West 18Th. St.


What makes these bakeries so great is if you show up to the birdbath on a bicycle they will automatically give you 15% off your purchase. The reason they do this is because every morning, and periodically throughout the day, City Bakery sends out bicycle delivery riders to each birdbath with delicious baked goods. They are then housed and preserved fresh by the staff at each birdbath. They cater to almost all diets so if your vegan or vegetarian they have something for you. The, now closed, Vesuvio bakery storefront is home to the newest location of Birdbaths on Prince Street in Soho.

Birdbath is a first come first serve basis with the baked goods, but they are also capable of making all the famous panini’s City Bakery has to offer. I had the tomato mozzarella panini along with a vegan raspberry muffin when I went there, and believe me it was amazing!

Check one out next time your in area!

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