‘Tis the Season in Union Square!

The temperature is getting colder, the wind is blowing harder, and (thankfully) we’re heading into the homestretch as the fall semester is winding down at last.  And while the stresses of finals are at their height, so is the holiday spirit!  Even though being stuck in the computer lab all night (which is, unfortunately, where I am right now) isn’t exactly my idea of spreading the holiday cheer, I know that winter break is only a few weeks away.  Walking home in the evenings, it’s still a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by all the colorful Christmas lights, cozy in my winter coat and chunky scarf.  New York is a beautiful city—even more so during December—and everybody here just seems to be a bit more cheerful.

Union Square becomes bustling with shoppers when the annual Holiday Market sets up shop

Union Square becomes bustling with shoppers when the annual Holiday Market sets up shop

As decorations go up and peppermint mochas make their annual appearance at every cafe, you know it’s the holiday season.  The festive spirit is alive at Parsons, even with a heavy workload.  Besides the fact that everybody in the lab is inconspicuously listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat, one of the city’s most prominent holiday markets sets up shop only a few steps away from campus.  Most of us New Schoolers consider Union Square station as our central transportation hub, and thus, it’s hard to miss the enormous Union Square Holiday Market.  This year marks the 19th anniversary of the market, which is open from mid-November until Christmas Eve.  Looking for the perfect gift?  Over 150 merchants sell everything from artisanal salsas and imported coffee, to finger puppets of “Great Thinkers” and hand-crafted jewelry.  I always love browsing around the market because there’s always something fun and quirky that is truly one-of-a-kind.  Shopping at the Holiday Market is also a great way to support small and local businesses!

A crepe stand is only one of the many food vendors at the market

A crepe stand is only one of the many food vendors at the market

Directly adjacent to the rows of tents selling hand-carved wooden trinkets and photographic prints, you’ll find an entire section devoted to food vendors.  Crepes, sandwiches, meatballs, pastries, and other finger foods dominate the food market, but don’t be surprised to have a full meal too.  Be it Mexican or Indian—whatever your stomach desires, there’s probably a stand that’ll satisfy your hunger.  New York’s favorite Belgian waffle cart, Wafel & Dinges, puts up a tent, as well as the ever-gluttonous Momofuku Milk Bar.

Also, if any of you are looking for something to get me…

and this...


Gigantic fuzzy alpaca hats.  It might not exactly fit in a stocking, but it’s oh so soft.

From Parsons Admissions to you, we wish you a Happy Holiday season!

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