Student on Student Interview: Monet Lucki

I can remember chatting this current interviewee my summer before Parsons, both excited and anxious because we were going to be rooming together in the fall. I had no idea that even after more than two years we would remain friends! I decided to talk to Monet, a current senior in Photography, about her time at Parsons, recent work with different publications and her plans for the future!


Lauren Davis: What attracted you to Parsons out of all the other art and design schools out there?

Monet Lucki: Parsons always seemed like this out of reach castle somewhere far away in my mind. When I was in high school in Illinois, I involved myself with a smaller art community and when it was college application time we were told about all the art schools around the country. I just remember Parsons was always considered “the Yale or Harvard of art schools” and I think that alone was enough for me to take the initiative to apply and I’m glad I did!

Photography by Monet

LD: What are your interests within photography? 

ML: I have always been really interested in fine art photography; however, within recent years I have been veering more into fashion. I would like to still incorporate fine art into my fashion imagery, recently I have been photographing the “beauty in imperfections” and paying close attention to the models I choose to photograph. I also love working with musicians and helping to enhance their message as artists visually.

Photography by Monet for Ladygunn Magazine

LD: You recently shot for LadyGunn Magazine how was that experience and also, how did that opportunity come about?

ML: Yes, I just finished up an editorial called Varsity Blues, which was featured in Ladygunn Magazine online. This was a very unique experience for me, the fashion editor of the Magazine and I had many meetings and came up with the concept to emulate “bored vintage varsity girls” and to photograph them on my friends farm in New Jersey. So, our whole crew piled into a van and drove about an hour into farmland New Jersey. This day was a challenge for sure: it was raining all day, we spent half the day shooting in a wet field warming up the models every twenty minutes, and the other half shooting in an abandoned barn. But I love the feeling of being in an environment I wouldn’t find myself on a day-to-day basis. There is just something really beautiful and surreal about experiencing a vision become a reality, watching all the elements of what was once in your head come to life. And of course having an amazing crew involved in contributing to this process.

This opportunity came about because I have become friends with the team at Ladygunn Magazine, and have had the pleasure to work with them on multiple projects so far. I am a huge supporter of Ladygunn’s aesthetic; their vibe is really refreshing and unique so I am grateful to have had this opportunity. And we have a lot of exciting future projects coming up which I am looking forward to working on.

LD: Tell me about your time assisting other photographers, was this experience valuable for you?

ML: I actually haven’t had a ton of experience assisting other photographers. But the few experiences I’ve had have definitely left a long lasting impression on me. I think it’s useful to examine other photographers workflows, especially on big sets. It also helps to be put into the back-end. When I’m assisting, I’m not shooting therefore I’m focusing solely on adjusting lighting and equipment. I think this has helped me when I go back to my own set to get a better understanding on how to direct others assisting me, and to remember how important the role of an assistant is.

Photography by Monet

LD: What do you hope to do in the future?

ML: I hope to continue shooting for more and more magazines. And to keep working with my same team, and watch us all grow together. I’ve recently had the opportunity to work in video as well. So I would like to keep working on short fashion films and music videos, in addition to photography, and to continue doing what I love.

LD: Any advice for any incoming students or photography students?

ML: My biggest advice would be to stay motivated and continue pursuing your dreams no matter how difficult the route may seem. I think we are all really lucky to attend such an incredible school like Parsons where there is so much inspiration and talent around us daily. So I think it’s important to learn and grow from your peers, and to constantly surround yourself with inspiration.

To view more of Monet’s Work check out her portfolio here!

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Hey all! I am currently a junior at Parsons in the Integrated Design fashion program. You can usually find me creating or making things, I love a great D.I.Y. Other favorite activities of mine include thrifting, consuming frozen yogurt, dancing and discovering new music!

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