Intern Tips for Internships: Finding an Internship

After being at Parsons for the past three years, I’ve found that one of the best parts about going to school in the city is having the ability to extend my education beyond the classroom.  With so many companies headquartered in New York, there’s always an opportunity to gain some professional experience before entering the “real world.”  For many of the majors at Parsons, a Professional Internship for credit is required in the curriculum.

While Parsons doesn’t place you in an internship, they do provides some awesome resources to find one.  During the first few weeks of each semester, Parsons Career Services hosts an internship fair that includes some big industry names like Procter & Gamble, Fendi, HarperCollins, Condé Nast, Marvel Entertainment, west elm, IDEO, and Calvin Klein.  With your resume and portfolio in hand, you can speak with company representatives while they review your work.  Career Services also frequently holds other events during the semester, including internship recruitment sessions with companies like Estée Lauder and Nike.

A student shows her portfolio to recruiters from Anthropologie during a Parsons Internship Fair

Parsons also has a network on Student Central, a job searching site where companies can post their open positions directly to our school!  After creating an account, you can upload your resume and search for positions based upon different criteria including academic major, job target, and key words.  Companies that frequently show up on Student Central include Versace, Alexander Wang, Discovery Communications, V Magazine, MTV, and Food Network.

You aren’t limited to the Parsons network, however.  I’ve actually found all of my internships by searching through Craigslist.  Companies that post ads there are typically smaller, but working for a smaller company is great, especially if it’s your first internship.  Art galleries, graphic design studios, small fashion labels, advertising agencies, and PR companies frequently post ads looking for new interns.  Just type in some words in the search bar, and you’re bound to find a position that interests you!  Better yet, the jobs section on Craigslist even categorizes the ads, which include art/media/design, architecture/engineering, tv/film/video, and web/info design.  If you’re interested in working at a specific company, you could even check their website and email them directly.

My last piece of advice for the internship is hunt is to always keep your connections!  Teachers, friends, and even the people you meet at work…you never know who might be able to get you in contact with somebody for another opportunity in the future.

Happy hunting!!

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Sup! I'm Syd. I just recently graduated from the Strategic Design & Management program this past fall, but I'm still kickin' it on to offer some words of wisdom! I love Sriracha sauce, quoting Spongebob Squarepants, solving Rubik's Cubes, and electronic dance music. Go Parsons!

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