Welcome Daniel!

Hello all!

My name is Daniel Ismael Orama, and I am one of The New School’s new bloggers. I am 23yrs young, a sophomore who is in Parsons photo program. I’m super excited to start blogging for The New School. I see and do a lot of cool things I think New School students would be interested in. I’m writing this post to give you guys a little more insight about me.

When I was younger my parents got divorced, and at the same time my father lost his job of 21 years. For awhile my father worked a lot of odd jobs trying to make ends meet. He was given the opportunity to invest in a photography franchise called TSS Photography. My father put everything he had on the line totry and make a career and decent living for my brothers and I. The only issue was he had no knowledge of photography. He and I would study all the equipment that came with the business to try  and become successful photographers. I was also, during this time, working full time at a Honda car dealership as a technician. During the day I would fix customers cars, and at night/weekends I was helping my dad with the business.  I originally had no intent of making a career in photography, other then helping my father build his business. For 5 years I was a mechanic, until one day I met a kid from Michigan named Matt. Matt moved to my hometown to be closer to NYC because he was attending Parsons. I would use my father’s gear to photograph my friends riding BMX or skating. Matt saw my work and was the first person outside of my circle of friends that was interested in my photography work. I started thinking about possibly shooting photos for a living rather then work on peoples cars, which I hated. Matt and I hung out more because we both rode BMX.  With the new knowledge and confidence I had thanks to my new friend Matt I applied to Parsons. When I found out I was accepted I quit my job and came to the city to make my dreams come true. It is truly a blessing to be here after, and I am thankful everyday to be a Parsons student doing what I love the most.

I love this school and want to blog about all the things that make this city, its surrounding cities and Parsons the best place to be. Thanks everyone for reading this, and I hope to talk to you all soon through the blog or any other way I can.

Peace Fams

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