Big Changes to the Blog

There are going to be a few big changes to the Admissions Blog in the upcoming weeks, aside from our fun new background. Firstly, after three amazing years working at Parsons, I’m unhitching my horse and trotting off to greener pastures outside of college admission. But don’t worry, I’m leaving you in the very capable hands of Katie, who has now become the Application Coordinator, and our colleague Morgan, who manages the Admission Tumblr and will be the new Editor-In-Chief for the blog.

My second announcement is that we have two new student bloggers to join Lauren! Sydney is in Design and Management, and Danny is in Photography. They’ll be introducing themselves some time soon.

Thirdly, Parsons is going to the Philadelphia National Portfolio Day on Sunday, November 11th. Katie’s from the Philly area, so she wanted to share some hometown pride with you.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you readers for stopping by and letting us know your feedback. It has been such a pleasure being a resource for you all during this understandably stressful period of your lives. Good luck with your applications!

-by Victoria O’Neill-

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