Nov. 1st Deadline is Coming Up

I know that the majority of you don’t need any reminding that November 1st is officially one week away. Why is that date special? Well, it’s the priority deadline for Spring 2013 Bachelors and Associates applicants and the Early Action deadline for Bachelors applicants (except BA/BFA).

Shiba Inu Calendar says, “Early Action and Spring apps are due on the 1st. So is rent.” Thanks buddy!

What is Early Action and how does it work? It’s the option to submit your Bachelors application early and find out months before the regular application folks do. Early Action is also “non-binding,” so there is no obligation to attend Parsons if accepted. For more details, check out the Early Action post from last year. If you have some last minute questions about how to prepare a portfolio and the Parsons Challenge, read up on Katie’s helpful portfolio tips and watch the Parsons Challenge Tips video. The most important thing is that you include pieces that are uniquely you. We want to see you thinking creatively and executing your ideas.

Good luck!


-by Victoria O’Neill-


  1. Ekta

    what about admission for MA? are the spring 2013 forms out? can you please send me a link?

  2. Nidhi

    Hi all, I am interested in persuing non credit based – Fashion Business certifcate program under continuing education. Can any one please give me some feedback and review about this course. Thank you.

    • Hello, this is the undergraduate blog, so we only deal with Bachelors and Associates program topics. For more information about certificate program, please visit the Continuing Education page and follow up with their office.

      • Nidhi

        Dear Victoria….thank you for your reply. I shall definitely look for information in continuing education page.

  3. Mel Alegria

    Being that spring 2013 begins on Jan 28th, when will applicants know if they have been accepted into their respective programs?

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