Student on Student Interview: Joey Edwards

I met Joey Edwards during our freshman year in Design & Management (now Strategic Design & Management), and have so many memories of Adobe Illustrator tutoring sessions in Joey’s room. A self-proclaimed tech geek and Helvetica lover, Joey certainly made Design I a lot easier for me! These days as a junior in D&M, Joey juggles an internship, part-time job and the position of Vice-President of Parsons Student Senate while still doing some pretty awesome projects for school. I chatted with Joey about his time at school so far, some of his favorite projects and plans for the future.

Joey in Hyderabad, India this summer during his internship

Lauren Davis: So I have to ask, out of all the design schools/programs out there, why Parsons and why Design & Management?
Joey Edwards: I thought the Design & Management program here at Parsons was a good combination of both design and business. There are a lot of different fashion majors out there but not as many general design programs, so I found this one to be a refreshing change. Being in New York is also great because there are endless opportunities, and you make so many connections.

LD: What have been some of your favorite classes here at Parsons so far?
JE: I really enjoyed the required D&M Department Seminar 1 class first semester of my freshman year. I didn’t know too much about design and it definitely opened my eyes to my different likes and dislikes. Another class I enjoyed was Innovation during the first semester of my second year. We learned how products and ideas are used throughout communities; it was a lot like an anthropology class, which I found to be really interesting.

Joey’s timed project for his typography class

LD: I also know in D&M you do a lot of design work – what are some projects you’ve enjoyed working on?
JE: One kind of silly and short project that was my favorite was in my Typography class. We had to recreate the alphabet using materials from home, bring them into class and complete the project in only one hour. I brought in fresh fruits and vegetables and cut them into letters. I examined how letters and words could be understood in a non-traditional way. I came up with the idea of using the smell of common foods to help recognize a letter. For example, the smell of an apple would signify the letter “A”, and the smell of a lemon would signify the letter “L”. This concept could be taken further to create a new medium in which communication occurs.

LD: Have you completed any internships while in school?
JE: Yes, I had one internship this past summer, and I just begun one this semester – I definitely would like to get as many different experiences as I can while I am in school. This summer for two months in India I interned in the marketing department at the non-profit college, International School of Film & Media, which I landed through a friend. Currently I intern at EU Design, a button production company, where I create presentations for clients and do other day-to-day tasks.

LD: Are you involved in any activities on-campus?
JE: Yes, I am Vice-President of the Parsons Student Senate. I basically saw an ad my freshman year, went to a meeting and have been apart of it ever since. We do a lot on-campus and really just try to give back to the students as much as possible to make student life a little bit easier from giving out free art supplies, food and helping fund student projects. One of my favorite things we’ve done is our “We Speak in Art” project where we joined with African Impact to create facilitated shared works of art on canvas by students at Parsons The New for Design and children at the Ezwenalisha After school clubs in South Africa. (The Admissions Blog wrote about “We Speak in Art” back in July. Click here for that post.)

Student holding up work from the “We Speak in Art” project

LD: How are you able to juggle so many different things?
JE: It’s a lot, but New York and Parsons definitely force you to learn quickly how to time manage so that you make time for everything.

LD: What would you like to ultimately do in the future?
JE: That’s a great question. I would like to do design research for home goods. It’s the perfect combination of marketing and product development. I like the aspect of being able to alter a product and conduct focus groups while doing a little bit of market research to really see how people interact with a product.

Thanks Joey for sharing some of your work and experiences! To see more of Joey’s work check out his portfolio and if you’re interested in coming to any Parsons Student Senate meetings e-mail for more info!

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Hey all! I am currently a junior at Parsons in the Integrated Design fashion program. You can usually find me creating or making things, I love a great D.I.Y. Other favorite activities of mine include thrifting, consuming frozen yogurt, dancing and discovering new music!

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