Tips for the “New” New Yorker: A night out for 15 dollars or less!

It’s Thursday! Meaning, it’s the best day of the week for this Thursday Tip for the “New” New Yorker! This week I wrote something special for our almost New School freshmen – tips for cheap nights out on the town. Though Parsons keeps their students chained to their desk most nights, we all need to get out once in a while. But hey, what can you do on a college budget? Well, good thing you’ve asked, dear readers, because I’m going to let you in on my secrets to the city and all it has to offer!

Prospect Park Band Shell for Laura Marling!

Concerts– Concerts aren’t always cheap in New York, but if you do some digging and know some people, you can get in anywhere for a decent price. A good website to check for every concert going on in Manhattan is Oh My Rockness. They will tell you what is free, what will cost you a boat load and what is actually a reasonable price. Also, it’s great to gamble and just see local bands in New York because most times it turns out to be a really fun night. Just this spring, I went to a venue out in Brooklyn called Shea Stadium to see Ava Luna, and not only were they really, good but most of my friends from school were there as well! Bonus was it was 5 bucks! But there are a ton of good free concerts (like Mission to Burma, Best Coast and even Patti Smith) in New York you just need to dig and find them!

Kayaking on the Hudson– New York City’s Downtown Boathouse has a great opportunity to experience the outdoors while still very close to New Yorkers urban home. On the weekend and some weekday openings, Downtown Boathouse provides you with a kayak and a life jacket and lets you kayak around the Hudson- FOR FREE. That’s right, for free. I mean you don’t keep the kayak or even get to travel to far out of the harbor but it’s great to experience to the city from a different view. No reservation needed, all you need to do is hop on down to the pier of your choosing and get a ride! Check it out!

Just a night out at The Mets!

The New York Mets– Perhaps your not a big Mets fan, or even a baseball fan, which believe it or not you don’t have to be to go to a game. Baseball is great way just to hang out with friends while watching something else. You can dance to the terrible in-between-inning music, catch up for nine innings or just walk around the stadium. I’ve found that these type of outings are the best in groups because then you really get a chance to talk to everyone but you’re not obligated to talk to everyone at the same time. ALSO did you know that The Mets have student rush tickets for 10 dollars? That means you can go to any game you want, bring your student I.D to the ticket window and get a good seat for a cheap price. Talk about a decently priced night out on the town. Don’t forget to pack peanuts!

 Rooftop Films and other outdoor movies– So it’s hot in the summer and though the small fan on my desk keeps me from not drowning in sweat – it isn’t comfortable. Rooftop Films acknowledges this with its outdoor summer movies. Why sit indoors in some sweat box when you can go outside, look at the lit up skyline and watch some delightful movies in the summer air? Most of the time, Rooftop shows a lot of up and coming documentaries or movies with some festivals (I saw a rocking cartoon festival on the East River last year with all my Illustration buds) for like ten dollars. But like tonight, they have free mainstream movies playing. I mean, who can resist seeing “FIELD OF DREAMS” on a baseball field? I may be the only person at art school who is excited for this, but I totally can’t wait. Other parks in New York City show free outdoor movies as well like Bryant Park and Tompkins Square Park. Another sad fact about my life, totally saw “Top Gun” on the beach at Coney Island last year. Yes, it was the best night ever.

About Katie

Hi there y'all! My name is Katie and I am an Admissions Counselor here at Parsons. I am a recent graduate of Parsons, I majored in illustration and I am currently getting my Associates degree in Graphic Design. When I'm not at Parsons, I am a avid baseball watcher, park sitter, book lover and an aspiring hoarder.


  1. Triskay86

    Another favorite tip (that I thought about when you mentioned baseball) is that you can get cheap tickets to most games on StubHub. A few fellow students and myself used to go see the Yankees play for anywhere between $5 – $12. The seats aren’t the best, but like you said… a great time out!

  2. Katie

    Hey there Triskay!
    Totally true! Stub hub has some great deal as well for some cheap games. In fact, I’m going to the Yankees vs. Rangers game for 15 dollar bleacher seats on monday from stub hub. No complaints here! Thanks for commenting and reading the Parsons Admissions Blog!

  3. Amanda Keller

    You can also get student rush tickets for $10 at some of the performing arts venues around town, Usually you have to go to the box office a few hours before the start of each show. I know City Center in midtown and Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn have awesome student rush ticket availability.

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