AAS Interview: Sam’s Fashion Design Internship

Because AAS programs the focus on industry training and experience, the majority of students participate in an internship at some point during their time at Parsons. Internships can be flexible, whether it’s a several month long apprenticeship or helping out at Fashion Week, and our students intern at all times throughout the year. However, the summer months are usually the most popular internship time because students can really immerse themselves. Sam Muglia is a second semester Fashion Design student who agreed to have another sit in the interview chair. You can read his previous interview here.

What do you and your peers hope to get out of your internships this summer?
We have a variety of goals in mind when participating in an internship. Most of us want an introduction to the industry, some want to hone skills, and others hope that the internship will turn into future employment. For my internship, I decided to lay the best possible foundation for my future designing career by mastering a basic fundamental of construction – sewing.

My friends from school are involved in all kinds of internships this summer, from small Brooklyn startups to larger corporations like Diane von Furstenburg and Ralph Lauren.

What are you doing for your internship? How did you find it?
Through my previous employment as a costume designer, I had the good fortune to meet Artur the tailor. The designers who I had worked for all gushed over his work and telling me that he was the best tailor in America – a true master of a dying art. Artur specializes in suits and jackets, from the basic 2 button suit to the most outlandish period pieces imaginable. He works primarily for the stage and screen; his services sought after by cinematic or theatrical designers who need garments of the highest quality.

So, Artur accepted me as his disciple. The first day I walked in, he and his assistant Tova initiated me into the ancient lineage of tailoring. He bound the tailor’s thimble to my knuckle just as his teacher had done to him when he was 14 years old. I felt like I was part of something extraordinary.

Can you talk a little bit about your responsibilities there? How are you benefiting from your experiences?
I apprentice with Artur 4 days a week. Each day I run through exercises to increase my precision with hand sewing and machine sewing. Already, I see an improvement in my dexterity. My Parsons classmate Alyson interns there as well, and Artur gives us both small projects to complete each week, which apply the sewing skills we learn. As we improve, we are able to help with projects that come in. For example, I spent yesterday sewing in the fasteners on some background costumes for a major Hollywood motion picture.

As the summer goes on, I hope to learn as much as I possibly can in the short amount of time I will be there. The skills I am learning are wonderful, but there is something else I am learning with Artur. Something deep about the creative process, and the peace which comes through the quiet, calm focusing on perfectly sewing a thread through a piece of fabric. Words only allude to the experience, but it is extraordinary. I feel like I’ve been given a gift.

Thanks for letting me pick your brain and your memory card!



-by Victoria O’Neill-

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