Recreation and Fitness at The New School!

One of the awesome things about The New School is the recreation and fitness programs offered. Welcome to all New School students, these programs and events range from a weekly group fitness program, outdoor recreation activities and intramural sports! If you attend any of these fitness programs at some point or another you are bound to run into Natalie Marrero, a Dance and Urban Studies double major at Eugene Lang, who’s also a Group Fitness coordinator. I decided to chat with Natalie about some of the different programs offered and how students can get involved.

Natalie (pictured left) dancing at The New School

Lauren Davis: Hey Natalie! Tell me a little bit about your role in the New School recreation department.

Natalie Marrero: I coordinate and help create a lot of the classes and events offered. I work with instructors and basically handle anything happening with Group Fitness.

LD: Whenever I can, I love going to a Group Fitness class, but for those who don’t know, what exactly is involved in the class?

NM: At Group Fitness we offer a wide range of classes from yoga, dance fitness, zumba, tai-chi, capoeira and pilates. These classes provide a fun way for people to stay in shape. They are all at beginner level and people can come in at any point in the semester. There are a range of people who come in every week and some that just come once or twice. The instructors are all professionals that work at other gyms around the city and some also teach classes here at The New School. These classes are also all free for students – just remember your New School ID and you’re good to go!

Dance Fitness class

LD: What kinds of outdoor activities does the recreation department offer?

NM: We have a lot of one time events throughout the semester, so depending on the time of year we’ll go to a Yankee game, backpacking trips, rock-climbing, rafting, and kayaking. We even have ski and camping trips. Most of these activities have a one time fee but they cover transportation, housing if needed and we always provide the equipment.

New School intramural cross country

LD: Tell me about the intramural sports – what are they, and how can students get involved?

NM: The intramural sports are great because students can come and participate in our basketball, cross country and soccer teams. It used to be a one time thing in the beginning of the semester but as people have school work, jobs and internships it became something where people can just come and drop in to practices throughout the semester. We also have games with other schools in the area, such as Pratt and Cooper Union. It’s not super competitive, it’s just fun.

13th St. Residence Hall, recent winners of the New School Olympics

LD: Anything else you’d like to share about the rec. programs here at The New School?

NM: In the fall I encourage everyone to participate in the New School Olympics! Students in residence halls, as well as commuter students, compete in games like soccer, tug-of-war and dodge ball. It’s just a fun way to be active while meeting new students.

Huge thanks to Natalie! For updates on classes and events check out the New School recreation and intramural sports Facebook!

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