Student Interview: Julien

As an Admission Counselor, I know I’m lucky to have the privilege of peeking into applicants’ sketchbooks and listening to them passionately explain their work to me. The only downside is that with the exception of the few students who check in with me from time to time, I completely lose track of them once they get here. I’m a generally curious person (and just plain nosy), so I was extremely excited when I found out what Julien Archer has been up to. Julien is a sophomore in the Fashion Design BFA, and he interviewed with me when he was applying two years ago. And I was beaming when Lauren told me that he won the Fusion Fashion Show for the Parsons team! I’m extremely grateful that Julien was able to take time from finishing up his fourth semester at Parsons to answer my questions and show us some of his pieces from Fusion.
(Fusion is a fashion competition for students from Parsons and FIT. Lauren’s friend Cateris also participated this year. Click here for Cateris’ interview.)

Getting to know you…
Name: Julien Archer
Major & Year: Fashion Design BFA ’14
Hometown: Richmond, VA

Quickfire Favorites List!
Artist or Designer: Cristobal Balenciaga and Egon Schiele
The Complete Works of Arthur Rimbaud
Design Blog: I don’t look at too many blogs…
Place on campus: The Eugene Lang courtyard
Place off-campus:
Any city rooftop
Hidden NYC gem:
The Neue Galerie (not that that’s hidden) 

Congratulations on winning Best Designer from Parsons at this year’s Fusion Fashion Show! I know this was your second year participating. How did you use what you learned last year to make this year’s entry stronger? Can you explain what the process is like?
Thank you. Since last year, I have honed in more on my technical skills in draping, pattern making, and construction methods. I’m always working on a new project so I like to think I’m always improving. This year’s entry was really just a continuation of the work I showed last year.

How do you prepare a line? What are some of your inspirations?
I find inspiration in everything, but I’m always interested in the portrayal of people in paintings and early portraiture. I like to imagine the relationship between artist and model. When I’m making something I just like to think about what it is I’d like to see come to life.

What drew you to Parsons? What advice would you give to someone beginning their college search process?
New York City drew me to Parsons. I would just say it’s important to go to a college to study something you’re passionate about and that location can be key…

Fashion is obviously one of the more popular majors at Parsons. However, it takes a lot of drive and conceptual thinking to be successful in this industry. What advice would you give to someone contemplating a career in fashion?
I think with fashion, as with any other medium or major, you just have to love what you do and always stay true to your aesthetic. I think it’s also important to learn to filter information and to work hard for yourself because you want to, not for anyone else.

Below are some garments and sketches from his Fusion line. Thanks Julien -it’s always a pleasure!

-by Victoria O’Neill-

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