Best of NYC: Cafes

I can hardly believe that this semester is already coming to an end; it feels like we just started! And while I am happy that summer is fast approaching, with the end of a school year also means end of the year projects and finals. During the next couple of weeks work is going to pile up incessantly. I am definitely going to have to use proper time management as well so I don’t end up waiting until the last minute to finish these projects (like I usually do).

When I’m doing work in my dorm room I have to fight this intense urge to do work while I’m sitting on my bed (it’s super comfy and awesome so naturally I want to sit, lay and always be in it); however, when it comes to trying to get actual work done, doing so  on my bed never ends well. Don’t get me wrong, the dorm is a great place to get work and things done, but sometimes you just want or need to get away, and it’s sometimes nice to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee while you work or to just take a break. New York is a mecca for cafes, they are everywhere but not all are created equal.

Below are some of my favorite cafes, (with free wifi of course) when all the tables at Starbucks are taken or when I just want to go somewhere a little cozier.

1. Ground Support

As I type this I sit in the back of Ground Support at a communal picnic table eating a delicious basil grilled cheese sandwich, it’s also a really nice day so all the tall doors and windows are open, what more could I ask for? This cute café in SoHo is a great place to get work done as well as cool meet up spot or hangout.

2. Think Coffee

Not only is Think Coffee a great place for unwinding and grabbing a good cheap cup of coffee they are also environmentally conscious! This shop literally wants you to think about your coffee! A quarter of their proceeds also go to charity!

3. Yaffa Café

For all you night owls looking for a place to pull an all-nighter, Yaffa Café is definitely the place to go! This restaurant/café is open 24 hours and features some pretty interesting décor, awesome food and during warmer months the garden is open out back!

3. Table 12

Another 24-hour spot Table 12 is a perfect place to get some serious projects done. When you walk in you can pretty much immediately see everyone busy typing away on their laptops. While you work I would also recommend the pastries, which are delicious!

Hope this helps and good luck to everyone on their final projects and exams! 

About Lauren

Hey all! I am currently a junior at Parsons in the Integrated Design fashion program. You can usually find me creating or making things, I love a great D.I.Y. Other favorite activities of mine include thrifting, consuming frozen yogurt, dancing and discovering new music!

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