Eating in Queens

When I first arrived in NYC four years ago I had no idea what boroughs were and that there were five of them. Now, I live in the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, with almost half of the 2.2 million population foreign born—Queens. My specific neighborhood, Flushing, is the last stop on the 7 train and it takes me an hour to get to school. Yes, it’s a bit far, but I’ve loved living there ever since I moved last August. One of the main reasons I enjoy living in Flushing is all the nearby delicious food I can get for low prices. This past weekend, my friend Ashley kindly made the trek out to eat with me.

1. Spicy and Tasty
39-07  Prince Street, 1H

Ordered: Shrimp and Pickled Turnip in Spicy Sauce ($11.75); Bamboo in Hot Spicy Sauce ($7)

We got seated within 10 minutes despite it being exactly dinner time at 7:30. The bamboo shoots were a bit disappointing, but not bad tasting. Nothing really special and not as spicy as I’d expect. The shrimp was really tasty though—large and fluffy and flavorful. Ashley lit up when she started eating the pickled turnip pieces and said they were particularly well done.

2. Nan Xiang Dumpling House
38-12 Prince Street

Ordered: Crab and Pork Soup Dumplings ($5); Nan Xiang Pork Soup Dumplings ($4); Cold Soy Milk ($3)

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Flushing, and I go here frequently. Everytime I’ve been here there has been a line, because they’re just that good. Despite the fact that there were around 15 people standing outside, we got seated immediately because we were only a party of 2. We immediately ordered two baskets of steamed soup dumplings. Ashley’s from Shanghai so while these aren’t as amazing as the ones you get there, they’re top quality amongst what I’ve had in New York. The soy milk reminded Ashley of home, and that’s a good sign!

3. Kung Fu Tea and 4. New Flushing Bakery
New World Mall 4021 Main Street

Ordered: Four eggtarts—2 Hong Kong style, 1 Portugese, 1 green tea ($3.75); Hot Kung Fu Bubble Milk Tea ($3.50)

Yes, the bubble tea seems a bit expensive, but I felt hot was more appropriate considering the current return of winter in New York. The medium cold bubble tea is $2.50. However, Kung Fu Tea makes my favorite bubble tea out of the five bubble tea shops I can think of off the top of my head in Flushing. (Bubbles are tapioca.) The egg tarts are alright, they’d be better if I had a toaster oven to reheat them in. A good dessert or afternoon snack.

Thanks to Ashley for eating with me!

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