Student Interview: Juan

Working on his thesis in the Arnold Hall computer lab.

If you’ve ever chatted with the Admission AIM handle “ThinkParsons,” you had a 50-50 chance of talking with Juan. As one of our Student Ambassadors, Juan works in the Admission Office answering emails, chatting with prospective students, and following up with congratulatory phone calls. We interviewed our other Student Ambassador, Charis (who is name twins with Student Blogger Charis), in January.

Getting to know you.
Juan Ortiz
Major & Year: Illustration BFA ’12
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

Quickfire Favorites List!
Artist or Designer: Alex Pardee, Travis Lampe, Tomer Hanuka
Book: Capacity by Theo Ellsworth
Design Blog: (Great place for inspiration, tutorials, wallpapers and etc.)
Place on-campus: Lang Courtyard
Place off-campus: The Highline. It’s a linear park built on former elevated New York Central Railroad. It is the perfect place to relax, sketch and people watch.
Hidden NYC gem: NYC has many hidden gems but I would have to say that my hidden gem would be 5Pointz located in Long Island City, New York. 5Pointz is an outdoor art exhibit space considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca,” Many well-known graffiti artists and musicians have tagged up on the walls of 5Pointz. Definitely recommend taking a look into 5Pointz at some point.

Elaborate a little more…
What drew you to Parsons?
Parsons became my school of choice when I toured the school and my department of interest, which was Illustration. Seeing students work and learning about the possibilities of taking classes from other departments such as CD (Communication Design) and DT (Design and Technology), I realized that Parsons suited me for all the possibilities and skills that I could fully grasp as an illustrator. That was an opportunity that I couldn’t possibly pass by.

Favorite thing/least favorite thing about Parsons?
My favorite thing about Parsons has to be its great sense of community. I have created solid friendships with the people in such a short time. There is no doubt that these bonds are created due to heavy workload and challenges that you and your peers face during the semester. The energy of productivity around you during the semesters will manifest itself into inspiration for the most part.

What are you working on for your thesis?
The theme behind this year’s thesis show at Parsons was based on “Accidents & Mistakes.” I interpreted the theme by interviewing a series of friends about their upbringing. From the interview, a series of portraits were created based on the information gathered from their parental mistakes that have changed their life. You should definitely watch out for the thesis show invite on here at a later time. (I’ll make a new post once I get the invite!)

While at Parsons, what have you learned about yourself along the way?
Parsons has transformed me as a designer, to a limit I would have never thought I would achieve. I have become very dedicated to my work and Parsons has broadened my view of career possibilities. The faculty are very educated in guiding you through great critiques and bringing professionals in your field to talk to class about their challenges and achievements through their career.

What do you have planned for your last semester at Parsons?
I plan to extend my time here at Parsons to gain more internship experience and build my portfolio. 🙂

Your Parsons experience in a haiku.
Late Nights
Eyes Wide Open
Coffee Is My Frenemy

Juan let me show a quick sample of some of his work below. Thanks Juan! – Victoria

Juan Ortiz - Kiss of Death & This Never Happened

Juan Ortiz - Somewhere I Belong

Juan Ortiz - Being Bad Feels Pretty Good

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