Parsons + Kickstarter

Parsons The New School for Design on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has revolutionized the way people get things made. The site that allows anyone to create creative projects and fund other projects has had over 10,000 projects successfully funded in the past two years. And now Parsons is on Kickstarter too!

Parsons has just launched a curated page on Kickstarter that features current projects by Parsons students, faculty, alumni, and staff. On the page now are 11 successfully funded projects mostly from 2011 and one project, Doodle Defense by MFA Design + Technology student Andy Wallace, that still has 15 days to go, but has already reached it’s goal.

The Parsons projects that used Kickstarter and were successfully funded cover a wide variety of programs and topics. A high profile project involved created a tool for graffiti artist Tony TEMPT1 to use his eyes to write. It was collaborated on by a team from Parsons, as well as Graffiti Research Lab, Open Frameworks, and Free Art and Technology. Another project that grew to be popular is Edible Cups, biodegradable, vegan cups invented by The Way We See the World, a collective of Parsons alumni. On a smaller scale of funding, Katty Hoelck, a Fashion Design graduate, raised money to produce her senior thesis collection.

Checkout the Parsons Kickstarter page to see what Parsons people have created and are creating!

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