Decision Letters Are Coming!

I’m going to have to ask you to direct your attention away from your potentially worn-down-from-constant-nibbling fingernails. Are you sitting? Good. I have some news. For everyone who sent in all of their materials for Fall 2012 by the freshman deadline of February 1st: the letters are beginning to get sent out.

Congratulations to everyone who may have already received good news! I really enjoyed reviewing your work and was entertained by your candid Artist Statements and Parsons Challenges. Toilet paper was a hot topic this year! And plenty of you made it work.

If you’ve recently completed your application (and please check to see if we’ve received your materials online), please know that the Admission Office is in overdrive and sending out decision letters twice a week. We’re reviewing applications in the order that they become complete, so it’s only a matter of time at this point. Try not to work yourself into a frenzy; the mail won’t come quicker if you’re maniacally staring out the window. Waiting is probably the hardest part, but try to push it from your mind.

Now time for some practical information:
Financial Aid
The aid award letters actually come separately from the admission package. Domestic students should submit the FAFSA and apply for aid by the end of March. You’ll be notified of the award in early April by both mail and your MyNewSchool account.

Admitted Student Day
Mark your calendars! Admission will be hosting Accepted Student Day on Saturday, March 31st. We’ll begin continuously inviting all accepted students within the next few weeks, so please, please, please check your email! Details won’t be public on the website.

Congratulations and good luck!



  1. kookiepookie

    What about for Graduate admissions? 🙂

  2. Vivian

    I was wondering if scholarship came with the financial aid letter or the decision letter? Thank you!

  3. Giorgis

    Does this include the AAS programs?

  4. Em

    Are transfer student applications viewed later? Im asking, because I was told today that decisions are sent April 1st-middle of April. This seems like a decade away.
    (Thank you in advance!)

    -Nail biters unite

  5. Sending in my transfer application nervous, but so hopeful! 🙂 Congratulations to all the freshmen that got in!!

  6. Hi Alex, because this is a public site, we cannot discuss matters of your private application. Please email I will delete your comment for the sake of your privacy.

  7. Yi

    I’m wondering if you guys are still processing some applications for fall 2012? because I submitted my application before Feb 1 and still haven’t received anything.
    Thank you!

  8. Giorgis

    What if the application is complete after April 1st because I send my last transcripts on Friday and they will be there on Monday, Tuesday the most April 3rd ? When will I get the decision letter? (AAS program)
    and when you say letter you mean a real letter or will I get an email first?

  9. Qiara

    Hi, I submitted all my materials by February 1st but you did not receive my Slideroom until February 21st, is my application still considered priority? Are you still sending out decision letters?

  10. SeoHui Chi

    Hi, I was wondering if award letters has been sent out already?

  11. Robert Kane

    Do only accepted students receive scholarships from new school? Also is is possible to be accepted for New School even if one applies for Parsons (can you be placed into a different school even if it wasn’t the one you applied for).

    • Hello Robert, not quite sure what you mean by the first question. In regards to merit scholarships, Parsons reviews all applicants for merit. Not all who are accepted receive merit scholarships. Additionally, if you are a domestic student and your FAFSA indicates need, we may receive a combination of need-based scholarships, grants, and loans. Parsons is a division of The New School. Each division has their own application, application procedures, and Admission Office. If you wish to be considered for Parsons, you must apply to Parsons. The same stands for the other divisions.

  12. Shadzi

    Hello there…I need help!Are there any similar websites for the Graduate Admissions?

  13. Hi there, I read your blog on a regular basis. Your story-telling style
    is awesome, keep up the good work!

  14. William Stautberg

    Hey admissions,

    I just recently got my acceptance letter and was wondering if I was supposed to hear back about scholarships at the same time considering that I applied at the priority deadline of January 15th. I was also wondering if you knew what the first day of the semester would be for Fall 2014?

    Thanks so much,

    William Stautberg

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