Meet Charis!

Announcement! The Student Guest Blogger trifecta is complete! Charis, a BA/BFA student in the Communication Design BFA, has thrown her hat into the ring. -Victoria

Hi all!
I’m a second semester senior at Parsons and a first semester senior at Eugene Lang. As a dual degree BA/BFA student, I’m studying Communication Design at Parsons as well as in the writing track of the Literary Studies program at Lang. Yes, things get kind of crazy, but I’ve learned to keep my cool, be very organized, and take things one sip of coffee at a time.
Since I’m from Hong Kong, the one question I get the most often from people who are meeting me for the first time is: “How come you speak English so well?” Short answer: I spent six years in Texas and went to an international school in HK. Hong Kong is an amazing city I’ll always consider home, but over the past three and a half years I’ve come to think of New York as a second home. Two things I love about NYC are the year-round cultural events available (concerts / festivals / musicals / museums) and the vast number of good restaurants waiting to be discovered (I’ve been to at least 8 ramen places and have a personal ranking for each of them). As a result, I like to talk about cool art things and good food.
Last things to know about me: I’m always in front of my computer and I have a secret impossible wish to be internet famous one day.
– Charis


  1. Bia Pinheiro

    Nice post, Charis!
    I’m from Brazil and applying for Design Management in Parsons.. I’m a bit scared with the Parsons Challenge but also trying not to “over think” it. And it’s exactly like you said: “Yes, things get kind of crazy, but I’ve learned to keep my cool, be very organized, and take things one sip of coffee at a time.”
    Thanks for sharing, your post was very motivating and interesting! (LOVED what you said about NYC!)
    Best regards,

    • Hi Bia,
      Thanks for the compliment and you’re very welcome. I’m glad you liked the post! I agree with your approach to the Parsons Challenge about not overthinking it. Just do your best to create something you’re passionate about and find meaningful. If you love what you make, you’re set! Hope someday you’ll get to learn what you love about NYC!
      Best of luck with your application and take care,

  2. Kerry griscti

    My daughter Jessica is a first year BA/BFA same majors as you. What do you plan to do with the degrees?

    • Hi Kerry,
      First, congrats to Jessica on being a BA/BFA student! It can be challenging, but also very rewarding. For me, I picked Communication Design and Literary Studies because they seem to go hand in hand. I’ve always wanted to work in publications, for magazines and newspapers, and since I was passionate about not just designing for them, but possibly writing as well, BA/BFA seemed like the best route. I hope that when I graduate, my two degrees will lead to me finding positions in either design or writing and then have that position lead to including the other area. I want to be an editor someday at a magazine I love and I think both of my degrees are necessary to make that happen.
      Take care,

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